Pretty flowers! Ugly Flower Pots?

Spring is here and it is now time to plant flowers. The thought of having pretty flowers decorating the outside of my house just makes me so happy. While getting out my old flower pots out I noticed they were dirty and ugly. I like to use terracotta pots because they are sturdier and I can reuse them every year but, they aren’t very pretty looking. All the decorative pots at the store were plastic and I find they don’t hold up as well as terracotta pots. So of course I decorated my flower pots. I think they look much better.

This was a very simple DIY and didn’t take very long. It would be a cute way to personalize the flower you give to your mom or grandma on mothers day. There are also many other things to do with flower pots besides planting in them. They could be cute desk organizers, candles, or they could add that pop of color and extra storage you need in a room. (below picture found on Pinterest)

What you will need:

-Flower pots
-spray primer


Because there are so many different possibilities of how you could decorate your flower pot, my directions may not achieve the look you want. I am going to give simple directions to serve as a guide for you as you paint your flower pots. I chose to make mine pink and add rhinestone and plastic flowers as decorations to mine. Honestly after I finished mine with the rhinestones I did not like the way it turned out. IMG_1175

Step 1:
First I primed all my flower pots with my white spray primer. Sadly I ran out of spray primer during this process. So I would recommend spraying the top and inside the top of the flower pot also. I am not going to be using mine for planting so I did not worry about it but if your are planting I recommend it. I propped my pots up on old containers s0 they were not sitting on the card board. It makes it easier to get the rim of the pots.IMG_1149

Step 2:
I sprayed my two larger pots with the colored paint I chose. This is where your process might be different if you choose to hand paint them. I did about two coats. I also covered the bottom of the pots to give it a more professional look. When they were dry I flipped them over and prayed inside the top of the pot. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of this.

Step 3:
I then used painters tape on my medium size pot and added my silver spray paint design. I purposely made the stripes different sizes and crooked. This is where I should have stopped. I think it looks cute and simple just like this.

Step 4:
If your going to plant in your pots and are not going to paint on any more decoration this is  where you would want to spray sealer. I strongly recommend this because when I was doing my research on this project there was a lot of people complaining their paint peeled off when they got wet. I personally did not do this because my pots will be used to store craft supplies.

Step 5:
For my two pink pots I glued on the rhinestones and flowers using my E6000 glue. I had to lay my larger pot on its side till the glue dried because I noticed my flowers starting to slide off. Once again I didn’t take pictures. Im sorry!IMG_1164

Before I glued on my decoration I taped off the top of my small pot with painters tape. It wasn’t necessary but I felt it was safer that way. Then I took silver acrylic paint and hand painted the bottom of my small pot to compliment my medium pot. I applied three coats because it was very thin. I did my first coat and allowed it to dry while I was glueing on my decoration to my other pots and then applied a second coat.

Step 6:
Once my silver paint was dry I glued my flowers all the way around the top of my pot with my E6000 glue.

So my flower pots didn’t turn out as cute as I hoped they would. I thought these looked adorable on Pinterest but mine were a small fail. I think this would be a great DIY for a mothers day gift and I am hoping to make more so I will post pictures of those. Also on my Pinterest I have created a board dedicated to this DIY and below are some of my favorites that I have seen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.30.53 AM


How to craft on a budget

When Im in the store or online and I find something that I like but then see the high price I instantly think “I could make that for a lot cheeper”. There is probably many of you that fell the same way. Then we go to our local craft store buy all our supplies and end up still spending at least $20. Well today I am going share with you my secrets to crafting on a budget. I am a college student with a part time job that gives me very little hours and even smaller paychecks. Since I have started my blog and got more dedicated to crafting and DIYs I have spent around $200 in crafting supplies. I can honestly say that $0 of that was spent in a craft store.

I used to always go to the craft store when I needed something but with a little searching and shopping I realized that I do not need to go t0 the craft store. Not only can you find the same thing you would in a craft store at other stores but they are almost always cheeper and often better quality. I am currently saving money to do a craft haul and I will be making a post about that.

To find the best deals on supplies when you go to a store check out the art or school supply section to see what the store has. They always sneak in something that you use. I live closer to a Walmart than a craft store so it makes it very convenient when I need something. I never really looked in the art section except for the school supplies. One day my boyfriend needed something for his car so we went to Walmart. I decided to take a look in the craft section and never knew how much stuff they had there. Also the prices were a lot cheeper. The craft sticks I used on my pallet coasters I got form Walmart for $1.97 for a pack of 150. At Jo Ann Fabrics they would of cost me $3.49. It might not be a much but over time the small savings will add up.

Another store I love to buy craft supplies from is the Dollar Tree. Everything is a dollar and they are constantly getting in different items depending on the season. I recently went there and spent over an hour wondering around the small store. I only spent $20 but I got a lot of stuff. I also like to buy my ribbon and flowers form the dollar tree. I don’t use fake flowers often but when buying them from the craft store they can get pricy especially if you need several different types. Another thing I like about their store is, you can go online to their website and order items in bulk. Then you get free inshore pick up. So if you are using a lot of the same supplies you can order it is bulk.

Other stores that I look for craft supplies are Dollar General, Aldi, Ollie’s, and thrift stores. I might only find a few items at these stores but I find they are frequently changing their merchandise. I find thrift stores to be the gold mind. Don’t get me wrong they can definitely be hit or miss but when I do find something it is a lot cheeper. Also the thrift stores I shop at all the proceeds go to charity so I am willing to spend more money there. I recently went to the thrift store and bought a chandelier  for $6. Im planning on painting it and repurposing it so the few scratches it had didn’t matter to me. If I would have bought it brand new I would have spent $30 at least.

Also when crafting get creative. Look for different ways to use supplies or how to turn your trash into something useful. If you want to see what I have done recently I will be making a post called “Trash to Treasure” next week. I will show you how I  use my trash for crafting or how I transformed some items.

Pallet Coasters

The weeks are going by so fast and summer is making a speedy approach. It finally feels like spring here in Ohio and that has me all excited. When the weather gets nice there are so many things I look forward to. A few of my top favorites would be hiking, flea markets, swimming, garage sails, bon fires, and many more. As you all know I am always looking for a good price and cool craft opportunity, so what better places to find those than flea markets and garage sales.

This weekend a friend and I went to a flea market close to where I live. I saw a lot of cool and interesting things. I love going to flea markets because you never know what your going to find. Recently I started watching a show called ‘Flea Market Flip’ and I have fallen in love with it. If you haven’t seen it they take two couples and have them compete against each other. They go to a flea market and have to find projects to flip and complete as part of the challenge. Then they have to go back to the flea market and sell their items and the winner is determined by who makes the most profit from their pieces. This show has inspired me to complete some of my own flea market flip projects this summer. So even though the weather will be nice and you will want to spend a lot of time outside don’t forget to check back and see the projects I have completed.

Now that summer is right around the corner school will be ending soon and the entertaining season will be upon us. So this means cook outs and having friends and family over more often. It also means that many of us want to give our house a quick but inexpensive pick me up so it looks nice for all our house guests. So this week we are going to give into the pallet trend by adding decoration and protection to our home with some pallet coasters. I found these to be very cute and they actually look like little pallets.

I was very surprised when I made these how much they looked like little pallets. They are very light weight and inexpensive to make. They are 4 inches by 4 inches witch is on the bigger side for coasters. These would be perfect for someone that has big cups. I do have some complaints about these coasters before we get started. 1. They are time consuming. There is only a few steps to the process but by the the time you do it to all the popsicle sticks it takes some time. 2. The tutorial I followed used hot glue but that did not hold the popsicle sicks together so I had to use tacky glue. When glueing I had to make the base and wait for them to dry then add the tops. This added more time to the process. So if your in love with pallets these would totally be worth all the work but personally these coasters tested my patience. Keep in mind though that I like everything to look professional so you could easily take less time sanding the popsicle sticks and painting them than I did. Alright here we go.

What you will need:

  • popsicle sticks or craft sticks
  • scissors
  • riler
  • pencil
  • sand paper
  • paint or wood stain of your choosing (or not)
  • tacky glue or wood glue
  • clear sealant (optional)


You are going to use 13 popsicle sticks for each pallet so make sure you have enough sticks for your set of coasters. I did a set of four and completed each step for all of my sticks at the same time. This is why I think it took a lot of time for this project.

Step one:
You are going to want to cut off all the rounded edges of your popsicle stick. So I measured 4 inches on all my popsicle sticks and marked the cut line with a pencil. When measuring I measure from right after the curve on the left side then marked 4 inches on the right side. Then I used my scissors to cut off all the ends. Warning they will fly everywhere.

Step two:
Next I took sand paper, it doesn’t matter what grit since the sticks are soft, and I sanded the ends that I just cut off. I also sanded some of the sides that looked a little rough.

Step three:
Paint the popsicle sticks. I wanted mine to look stained but I didn’t have any wood stain. So I got creative and used water color paint on my popsicle slick. I think the looked pretty good. I painted all the sides of all the popsicle sicks.

Step four:
This step could be skipped but Im a perfectionist. I went back and sanded the tops of the sticks that would be the top of my pallet. I sanded it to give it a distressed kind of look. Once again this it totally optional depending on the look you want. I wanted mine to look like old used pallets so I roughed them up a bit.

Step five:
Now we finally get to put the pallets together. You will need 5 popsicle sticks for the base of the pallet.  This is difficult to explain so bear with me here. Your pallet consists of three layers of wood the bottom, middle, and top. We want to lay down two popsicle sticks for the bottom. Then we are going to glue three popsicle sticks on their sides for the middle. These will create the space between the bottom and the top giving our pallet its box shape.

Step six:
After that has completely dried we are going to glue our 8 sticks on top. I laid mine out on the base then picked them up and glued them. This way I got the spacing correct.

Step seven:
This step is also optional. I was worried about how sturdy the coasters were and also how they would be affected by water so I sprayed them with clear sealer. I think it made them sturdier and this way I did not have to worry about the paint coming off if my cup had condensation on it. I also sprayed the sides good to help give the glue some extra hold and protect it from the water as well. IMG_1106

Anchor Beach Bottle

Here in Ohio the rain is finally slowing down and the snow is hopefully gone for the year. I am getting very excited for summer and the nice weather. I am a beach bum on the inside and I just love summer. The hot sun, bright colors, and fun out door activities are just some of the reason I love summer. I feel like when the weather gets nice its the perfect time for DIYs. I can go outside and get messy with my projects and get my creative juices flowing.

In the spirit of my inner self I made these beach bottles. They work well as a pair but also look good independently. I feel like when I make bottles that less is more. I find my simple bottles turn out better than the ones that I try to make really detailed. I also find that my bottles that looks the best are just the spur of the moment ideas that I make and don’t put a lot of planning into. My anchor bottle is one of those spur of the moment bottles. I found this anchor fabric in one of my craft boxes and threw this bottle together quickly one day.IMG_1073

What you will need:

  • a glass bottle
  • rubbing alcohol
  • white primer
  • brown and white paint
  • spong
  • hot glue
  • fabric or ribbon
  • sea shell


First your going to clean and prime your bottle.

Then take your brown paint and make is into a light tan color. This will be the base color for your “sand” on the bottle. Apply a thin coat with your sponge. I chose brown because I wanted it to look like sand to match my beach theme. You could use any paint color you would like.

Once the entire bottle is covered. Add more brown paint to your tan to create a darker tan color. Again your going to sponge that on your bottle but more spread out so that your just adding shadows into your base coat.

Once your paint is completely dried your going to apply your fabric or ribbon. I chose anchors because I was doing a beach theme but you could use any color or pattern you would like. Since mine was fabric not ribbon I folded over three ended so you would not see the raw edge of the fabric.

I did not worry about turning over one end of my fabric because I would be over lapping the other end and did not want to create bulk. Next your going to glue your fabric or ribbon to your bottle. I used hot glue and just gradually worked my way around the bottle glueing the fabric down.

After the entire fabric was attached all I had to do was apply my sea shell. Once again you could leave the shell off or add any extra shape or decoration you would like.

Thats all there is to it. It is a simple bottle and very easy to make. I had all my supplies in my craft room and it did not take long to make. I didn’t put my layers of paint on thick so it dried very quickly and I was able to do every step almost immediately after the previous one. This bottle took me maybe an hour and a half from beginning to end.

Chalk Board Bottles

The chalk board trend has slowed down but I think these bottles would be the perfect addition to any room. Another cute idea would be to add chalk board paint to other types of containers to make labeling easy. (the pictures below are from Pinterest)

Im sorry! I know I said this would be posted yesterday but life happened and I was not able to get it up. Better late than never though. So today I am going to tell you how I made these three chalk board bottles. I made these a while ago so I don’t have as many step by step instructions as I usually do. These are very simple to make but came out very cute. If you have any questions about how I made them or would like pictures please feel free to comment or email me and I would be more than happy to help you. IMG_1105What you will need for these bottles is
-wine bottles
-Chalk board paint
-paint brush or sponge
-painters tape
-decorations of your choosingIMG_1111

The first bottles I am going to explain the one on the far left in the picture above. First your going to clean your bottle and remove the label. Next your going to prime the bottle with rubbing alcohol. Then your going to use your painters tape to mark off the area that you want to have chalk board paint. Lastly your going to paint that area with your chalk board paint. I painted it by hand and did not use any spray primer. I had to do a couple coats. Then when I applied the final coat before it dried I took the tape off. The edges of my paint were not perfect and I like the way it looks. You could easily go back and touch up the edges after you take the tape off if you want nice clean edges.IMG_1114

For the other two bottles I used almost the same process. It was still very simple. For these bottles you clean them and wipe them off with rubbing alcohol. I did not prime them with paint but I highly recommend it. I found since I didn’t prime and I was painting by hand the paint was streaky. Also when I went back to apply the second coat I had a problem with the first coat of paint rubbing off. All you have to do is paint the whole bottle with the chalk board paint. After it has completely dried you apply the decorations of your choice or even leave them plain for maximum chalk board space.IMG_1113

For my flower bottle I used a flower that I had on my wall for decoration. It was just layers of fabric that was cut into the shape of a flower then I added a gem in the middle to hold it all together. I placed the flower where I wanted it on the bottle and applied it with E6000 craft glue. I had to lay the bottle on its side and I used books to prevent it from rolling as it dried. Then for the anchor bottle all I did was buy some thin twine. I got my anchor from the jewelry section of Pat catans. It is for a necklace and actually twist apart so you can put beads on it. I just wrapped my twine around the neck of the bottle a few times and added my anchor before tying a knot.IMG_1112These bottles are very simple and do not take long. I loved the way they turned out. There are so many different ways you could decorate a bottle that the possibilities are endless. Next I am going to tell you how I made my beach themed bottles. So keep an eye for that post coming soon.

Prime the bottle, Prime Prime the bottle

This week is wine and paint week. I do not support drinking and driving but I highly suggest crafting under the influence. Who doesn’t enjoy having a nice glass of wine while creating fabulous DIY projects? Please just be careful with hot glue guns and sharp tools. Once you have finished your bottle of wine you can recycle it and turn it into a fabulous decorated bottle.

Going back to crafting under the influence there is a youtube channel called ‘Crafting Under the Influence’. Where these two inserting ladies literally craft under the influence. They do a lot of cool DIYs and there videos are very interesting. If you are looking for serious step by step directions to a DIY I do not recommend turning to them. I like to watch them when I am looking for ideas or as background noise while I craft. I just thought I would share with all of you one of the DIY channels I like to watch. Also I thought they might be an inspiration for how crafting under the influence could go. Here is the link if you would like to check them out. Crafting Under the Influence Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.19.38 AM.png

When creating a decorated bottle the first thing you want to do is prime the bottle. If you would like to be able to see the glass then all you have to do to prime is use some rubbing alcohol. So first what your going to do is clean the bottle and remove the label. If you are not sure how to do that I explained how in my Drink, Reuse, Recycle post that I made yesterday. After removing the label and cleaning the bottle your going to take a cotton ball or paper towel and dampen it with rubbing alcohol. Then just wipe off he whole bottle. When doing this you want to try not to touch the bottle with your hands to much. This step is to remove any oil from the bottle so that your design will stay on. Also you want to do this right before you decorate the bottle, so if you cleaned the bottle but your not going to decorate it right away then you can wait to do this.

If you don’t want to see the glass and you plan to prime with paint your still going to prime with rubbing alcohol. This will ensure that your bottle is clean and the prime will apply nicely. I recommend priming your bottle with white primer. When I prime with paint I use spray primer. It is much easier to apply and looks much nicer. Also it is much faster. What I do when I prime a bottle I prime several at one time, even if I am only decorating one bottle, so that I always have a primed bottle on hand. Since I do all my spray painting outside it might not be the right type of weather the day I need to spray so that also helps a lot.

Spray priming a bottle is very easy. I use Krylon fusion for plastic. It also says on the bottle that it is for other types of surfaces as well. I figured that it would stick better to the glass. I keep the bottles standing right side up so that I can rotate them by sticking my finger in the opening of the bottle. I apply thin coats, slowly working my way around the bottle until it is completely covered. Once it dries I apply a second coat. It is important to put the coats on thin and to hold the spray can about ten inches away from the bottle to prevent drip marks.

I usually only do two coats when I know that the bottle isn’t going to stay white. It isn’t perfect but since I am covering it with something else I’m not to worried about it. If I am going to leave the bottle white, I will wait longer between coats and apply a third coat. I also usually let my primer dry over night before adding any more decorations to it. That way it is completely dry before I apply any thing else.

Now that you have cleaned and primed your bottle let it dry overnight. Then tomorrow we are going to decorate a bottle. Exciting! Tomorrow I am going to tell you guys how I decorated these three simple black bottles. As many of you know I like to add in a bonus every week so this weeks its chalk board. These black bottles are chalk board bottles.IMG_1105

Drink, Reuse, Recycle

Do you ever just sit and think about all trash we produce and where it all ends up? I do and if I think about it while I’m throwing something away it concerns me. As you know, I have been working on organizing my craft room and I have been creating a lot of trash. I was thinking a great way to recycle some of my “trash” would be to use it in a DIY project.

This project is one I have been doing for a little while now. They make great gifts and decor. For this project we are going to recycle wine bottles. This has been a big trend on Pinterest and is constantly popping up on my feed. I am going to show you a couple ways to decorate wine bottles. You could use any type of glass bottle for this project, not all of mine had wine in them. I would also like to let you know that I did not drink all of this myself. My good friend works at a bar and supplies me with the majority of my bottles.

There are many different ways to decorate bottles. You could take the simple approach and paint the bottle. You could also get very detailed with a bottle. I find this project to be very relaxing and it brings out my creativity, since you could decorate a bottle so many different ways. My most recent bottles were a set of beach themed bottles. One of them took me about two and a half hours to make while the other on took me maybe an hour. It honestly all depends on how detailed you want your bottle to be.

Since there are endless possibilities on decorating bottles, I am going to create several post on how I decorated a bottle and share them with you through out the week. Today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks I have learned when decorating.

The one thing I hate about this project is the waiting process. The bottles often have several layers of decor to them, so you have to wait for each layer to dry or set before adding the next. Other than that I really enjoy these projects and they are something that you cannot buy in any store.

Tips and Tricks

  • To easily clean the label of off bottles soak them in very hot water until the water is about room temperature. The label should easily peel off. If there is any glue left use a scrubby sponge and soap to clean it off. You want to make sure the bottle is completely clean and that there is not glue left on the bottle. If there is glue left on the bottle it will be visible once you paint the bottle.
  • Right before painting the bottle wiping it off with rubbing alcohol will prime the surface.
  • When paining a bottle I highly recommend spray paint, at least when priming. For my very first bottle I tried to hand paint the bottle. When I was priming it was streaky and I had to let the bottle dry over night before being able to apply the second coat of primer. Using spray primer takes about 20 minutes and looks 100% better.
  • HOT GLUE DOES NOT STICK TO GLASS. This makes me very mad but it is true. It was very disappointing when I used hot glue on my first bottle and a few weeks later when I went to move it all my glass marbles feel off. So learn from my mistake and use the E6000 craft glue that I frequently use. I have found when glueing ribbon to a painted bottle hot glue works. It also works if you are not glueing directly to the bare glass. IMG_0962
  • Something else I would recommend is when painting a bottle keep in mind that you are working on a curved surface. Meaning that if you are going to add detail when looking at the bottle the detail on the sides will not look that same as when looking head on. You may need to adjust a design if you want it to look a certain way from a specific angle.

With my personal bottles I use acrylic paint 99% of the time. I have never baked any of my bottles so they are not water proof and should not be washed.I also like the mate look of the paint on the bottle so I usually do not seal my bottles. I glue decorations onto my bottles that is also why I do not seal them. The bottles that I have sealed I used mod podge because I like the control I have.

This project definitely takes patience but the results are worth it. Any of the processes and designs I am creating can be done on almost any glass. Other types of glass you could decorate if you do not want to use a bottle would be mason jars, vases, and even cups. Just keep in mind that they are not water proof and cannot be washed.

I am going to post step by step instructions of how to prime your bottle and decorate them through out the week. Keep in mind you can make any decoration you would like and if you could incorporate something recycled into the project it would be even better.

More Scrabble Coaster!

Hey guys! I have been working on so many projects this week and it has been crazy. I am excited for all of you to see what I have been working on. In all the craziness I have made more scrabble coaster. Sorry it took me so long to post this, I was waiting for a day I could go outside to spray sealer on my coasters but unfortunately mother nature isn’t happy with Ohio right now and I had no such luck. So all these pictures you see are not completely finished but I figured you would get the idea.

I also created this neat little dish washer magnet. I used the same process as the casters then added a strip of magnet tape on the back. If you haven’t read my post first post of how to make the scrabble coasters once you read that you will know how easy this was to make. Although the magnet tape was already sticky I didn’t know how well it would hold on the cork so I added an extra strip of my E6000 glue to add some extra hold. I put this on thinner cork that it used for scrap booking and honestly I wish I would of used the 1/4 inch thick cork that I used on the coasters. It was not as sturdy and bent very easily. For the purpose of being on my dishwasher I wasn’t to worried about it but if I made another I would make that change. This also does not have the sealant spray on it yet. I am hoping once I put that on it will make it sturdier.


An organized crafter is a happy crafter.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you now how I like to be organized and for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram go follow me right now (@createlynndiy). I have slowly been working on organizing my craft room and cleaning it. Let me tell you it is a long process, plus it doesn’t help that I am crafting as I organize and clean. Hopefully after this weekend I will have it some what organized. Maybe after I finish I will show you what my craft room looks like. Just a disclaimer my craft “room” is the basement/laundry room so nothing fancy or super nice but I can craft and be happy and thats all that matters. Also I am creating some DIY craft organization that I hope to add as some bonus DIYs these next couple weeks.

Just to give you a sneak peak of my organizing process. I fount this container that has small containers and they screw together to make on big organized container and I just love it. I wish I had a lot more of these for organizing all my small items. These would work perfectly for my beads, small shapes, and even other small miscellaneous items. In this one I have alphabetized my scrabble tiles. It helped me so much and made forming words so much faster. I got annoyed very quickly with having to flip all the tiles right side up and then have to search among the hundreds of letters for the one that I needed. Solution! Find small containers group three or four letters together add a label and then organize your letters. If you don’t can’t find a container like this, some small food containers would work perfectly. All of my letters didn’t fit in the container so I organized as many as would fit then as I use them from the container I just sort some more. I promise this didn’t take me as long as it sounds and the time you spend organizing will be less than flipping tiles and searching.


My Strange Addiction

Well you know what they say, the first step to fixing your problem is admitting you have one, so here I go. “My name is Marissa and Im addicted to… coasters.” Yes coasters, like the ones you put under your cup to protect your furniture. I have always liked using coasters at home or in a restaurant but recently my boyfriend has informed me of my addiction to them. Ever since I started my blog I have been scavenging the world wide web for inspiration and creativity. I start by looking for more projects to add to my rapidly growing list of DIYs that I want to do for all you crafty people but somehow my search always leads to me looking at coasters. I know I’m odd but thats what makes my life so interesting and I’m hoping over time all of you that read my blog will enjoy my oddness.

So any ways coasters. There fabulous! They serve a purpose, to protect our expensive or not so expensive furniture but also could add so much character to a room. Ever sit in your bedroom or living room and think it needs something? Why not add a little extra something to the room with coasters. They could be that accent color your looking for, or the space filler on your empty coffee table. They could tell a story to your guests and even make you look more sophisticated. We all think about the usual decor like the rug, pillows, and the wall accents but nothing says well thought out like coasters. Never fear my fellow reader there is a wide variety to choose from and I will guide you in several DIY coaster projects.

I have already shared with you my scrabble coasters that I am still working on this week. Keep an eye out for more pictures to come in the next few days. I also have another coaster DIY planned to share with you in a couple weeks and Im not going to spoil that project. There are so many possibilities with coasters though. You could make them out of so many different materials. A few that I am planning on working with is cork, wood, plastic, and ceramic. I also am going to try using paint, stamps, stains, oils, and paper.

Another thing I love about coasters is they are small and easy to store. If your the type of person that likes to go all out when decorating for the holidays coasters would be the perfect touch. You could easily make coasters for each Holliday then store them in a small decorative box right on your coffee table. Also coasters make the perfect gift. If you don’t know what to get someone why not coasters they could be personal or impersonal. There something unique and people don’t get coasters often so no need to worry about someone else getting it for them.

Even better than just buying someone coasters would be putting a little TLC into the gift and making them some. Coasters are pretty simple and easy to make. They don’t consume much time and require minimal supplies. I will definitely be making a wide variety of coaster DIYs that everyone can enjoy.

Have you found coasters that are simple but not sure how to make them? Comment a picture and I’ll be sure to post  DIY instructions if I can figure it out myself. Also feel free to comment pictures of cool coasters that you see or have made because I would love to share my passion with someone else.

Whimsical Lights

This week we are going to make whimsical lights. This project is very easy but you can make these in so many different ways. I chose to make a simpler option. The only complaint I had about this project was the price. I had the string lights laying around my house but I had to buy the ping pong balls. I went to my local Target and chose to buy a large box of 36 for $10. My string lights had 100 bulbs so I had to buy three boxes. My total cost for this project was over $30 because ping pong balls were so expensive.

This is where your all probably thinking $30 isn’t that bad but Im a cheep ass. I love thrifting, repurposing, garage sales and flea markets. I am also a large advocate for coupons. I hate paying full price for something and this was one of the major reasons I got into DIYs in the first place. I am a college and while yes I work and make more money than most college students I don’t like to spend it. So if there is going to be a common theme on my blog it would probably be cheep but high quality. Also I will always try to put where I bought my supplies from and about how much they are so you will know how much a project costs.

For this project you will nee:
-one strand of lights
-enough ping pong balls for each light on the strand
-an exacto knife

After gather all your supplies your going to want to cut a small X into all the ping pong balls. The X only needs to be big enough to fight the light through.


After that all you have to do is put each ball onto the lights.

Once have have all the ping pong balls on your finished. I chose to use multi colored lights so that my ping pong balls would look colorful but you could do so many different things with these to give them a different effect.

Other ideas:

  • Use white lights with colored ping pong balls
  • Painting the ping pong balls and using while lights
  • covering the balls in a thing layer os glitter to add some extra shine
  • glueing the balls together to make a specific shape or sculpture

Here are some pictures of other option that I found on Pinterest.