Whimsical Lights

This week we are going to make whimsical lights. This project is very easy but you can make these in so many different ways. I chose to make a simpler option. The only complaint I had about this project was the price. I had the string lights laying around my house but I had to buy the ping pong balls. I went to my local Target and chose to buy a large box of 36 for $10. My string lights had 100 bulbs so I had to buy three boxes. My total cost for this project was over $30 because ping pong balls were so expensive.

This is where your all probably thinking $30 isn’t that bad but Im a cheep ass. I love thrifting, repurposing, garage sales and flea markets. I am also a large advocate for coupons. I hate paying full price for something and this was one of the major reasons I got into DIYs in the first place. I am a college and while yes I work and make more money than most college students I don’t like to spend it. So if there is going to be a common theme on my blog it would probably be cheep but high quality. Also I will always try to put where I bought my supplies from and about how much they are so you will know how much a project costs.

For this project you will nee:
-one strand of lights
-enough ping pong balls for each light on the strand
-an exacto knife

After gather all your supplies your going to want to cut a small X into all the ping pong balls. The X only needs to be big enough to fight the light through.


After that all you have to do is put each ball onto the lights.

Once have have all the ping pong balls on your finished. I chose to use multi colored lights so that my ping pong balls would look colorful but you could do so many different things with these to give them a different effect.

Other ideas:

  • Use white lights with colored ping pong balls
  • Painting the ping pong balls and using while lights
  • covering the balls in a thing layer os glitter to add some extra shine
  • glueing the balls together to make a specific shape or sculpture

Here are some pictures of other option that I found on Pinterest.


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