My Strange Addiction

Well you know what they say, the first step to fixing your problem is admitting you have one, so here I go. “My name is Marissa and Im addicted to… coasters.” Yes coasters, like the ones you put under your cup to protect your furniture. I have always liked using coasters at home or in a restaurant but recently my boyfriend has informed me of my addiction to them. Ever since I started my blog I have been scavenging the world wide web for inspiration and creativity. I start by looking for more projects to add to my rapidly growing list of DIYs that I want to do for all you crafty people but somehow my search always leads to me looking at coasters. I know I’m odd but thats what makes my life so interesting and I’m hoping over time all of you that read my blog will enjoy my oddness.

So any ways coasters. There fabulous! They serve a purpose, to protect our expensive or not so expensive furniture but also could add so much character to a room. Ever sit in your bedroom or living room and think it needs something? Why not add a little extra something to the room with coasters. They could be that accent color your looking for, or the space filler on your empty coffee table. They could tell a story to your guests and even make you look more sophisticated. We all think about the usual decor like the rug, pillows, and the wall accents but nothing says well thought out like coasters. Never fear my fellow reader there is a wide variety to choose from and I will guide you in several DIY coaster projects.

I have already shared with you my scrabble coasters that I am still working on this week. Keep an eye out for more pictures to come in the next few days. I also have another coaster DIY planned to share with you in a couple weeks and Im not going to spoil that project. There are so many possibilities with coasters though. You could make them out of so many different materials. A few that I am planning on working with is cork, wood, plastic, and ceramic. I also am going to try using paint, stamps, stains, oils, and paper.

Another thing I love about coasters is they are small and easy to store. If your the type of person that likes to go all out when decorating for the holidays coasters would be the perfect touch. You could easily make coasters for each Holliday then store them in a small decorative box right on your coffee table. Also coasters make the perfect gift. If you don’t know what to get someone why not coasters they could be personal or impersonal. There something unique and people don’t get coasters often so no need to worry about someone else getting it for them.

Even better than just buying someone coasters would be putting a little TLC into the gift and making them some. Coasters are pretty simple and easy to make. They don’t consume much time and require minimal supplies. I will definitely be making a wide variety of coaster DIYs that everyone can enjoy.

Have you found coasters that are simple but not sure how to make them? Comment a picture and I’ll be sure to post  DIY instructions if I can figure it out myself. Also feel free to comment pictures of cool coasters that you see or have made because I would love to share my passion with someone else.


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