More Scrabble Coaster!

Hey guys! I have been working on so many projects this week and it has been crazy. I am excited for all of you to see what I have been working on. In all the craziness I have made more scrabble coaster. Sorry it took me so long to post this, I was waiting for a day I could go outside to spray sealer on my coasters but unfortunately mother nature isn’t happy with Ohio right now and I had no such luck. So all these pictures you see are not completely finished but I figured you would get the idea.

I also created this neat little dish washer magnet. I used the same process as the casters then added a strip of magnet tape on the back. If you haven’t read my post first post of how to make the scrabble coasters once you read that you will know how easy this was to make. Although the magnet tape was already sticky I didn’t know how well it would hold on the cork so I added an extra strip of my E6000 glue to add some extra hold. I put this on thinner cork that it used for scrap booking and honestly I wish I would of used the 1/4 inch thick cork that I used on the coasters. It was not as sturdy and bent very easily. For the purpose of being on my dishwasher I wasn’t to worried about it but if I made another I would make that change. This also does not have the sealant spray on it yet. I am hoping once I put that on it will make it sturdier.


An organized crafter is a happy crafter.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you now how I like to be organized and for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram go follow me right now (@createlynndiy). I have slowly been working on organizing my craft room and cleaning it. Let me tell you it is a long process, plus it doesn’t help that I am crafting as I organize and clean. Hopefully after this weekend I will have it some what organized. Maybe after I finish I will show you what my craft room looks like. Just a disclaimer my craft “room” is the basement/laundry room so nothing fancy or super nice but I can craft and be happy and thats all that matters. Also I am creating some DIY craft organization that I hope to add as some bonus DIYs these next couple weeks.

Just to give you a sneak peak of my organizing process. I fount this container that has small containers and they screw together to make on big organized container and I just love it. I wish I had a lot more of these for organizing all my small items. These would work perfectly for my beads, small shapes, and even other small miscellaneous items. In this one I have alphabetized my scrabble tiles. It helped me so much and made forming words so much faster. I got annoyed very quickly with having to flip all the tiles right side up and then have to search among the hundreds of letters for the one that I needed. Solution! Find small containers group three or four letters together add a label and then organize your letters. If you don’t can’t find a container like this, some small food containers would work perfectly. All of my letters didn’t fit in the container so I organized as many as would fit then as I use them from the container I just sort some more. I promise this didn’t take me as long as it sounds and the time you spend organizing will be less than flipping tiles and searching.



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