Prime the bottle, Prime Prime the bottle

This week is wine and paint week. I do not support drinking and driving but I highly suggest crafting under the influence. Who doesn’t enjoy having a nice glass of wine while creating fabulous DIY projects? Please just be careful with hot glue guns and sharp tools. Once you have finished your bottle of wine you can recycle it and turn it into a fabulous decorated bottle.

Going back to crafting under the influence there is a youtube channel called ‘Crafting Under the Influence’. Where these two inserting ladies literally craft under the influence. They do a lot of cool DIYs and there videos are very interesting. If you are looking for serious step by step directions to a DIY I do not recommend turning to them. I like to watch them when I am looking for ideas or as background noise while I craft. I just thought I would share with all of you one of the DIY channels I like to watch. Also I thought they might be an inspiration for how crafting under the influence could go. Here is the link if you would like to check them out. Crafting Under the Influence Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.19.38 AM.png

When creating a decorated bottle the first thing you want to do is prime the bottle. If you would like to be able to see the glass then all you have to do to prime is use some rubbing alcohol. So first what your going to do is clean the bottle and remove the label. If you are not sure how to do that I explained how in my Drink, Reuse, Recycle post that I made yesterday. After removing the label and cleaning the bottle your going to take a cotton ball or paper towel and dampen it with rubbing alcohol. Then just wipe off he whole bottle. When doing this you want to try not to touch the bottle with your hands to much. This step is to remove any oil from the bottle so that your design will stay on. Also you want to do this right before you decorate the bottle, so if you cleaned the bottle but your not going to decorate it right away then you can wait to do this.

If you don’t want to see the glass and you plan to prime with paint your still going to prime with rubbing alcohol. This will ensure that your bottle is clean and the prime will apply nicely. I recommend priming your bottle with white primer. When I prime with paint I use spray primer. It is much easier to apply and looks much nicer. Also it is much faster. What I do when I prime a bottle I prime several at one time, even if I am only decorating one bottle, so that I always have a primed bottle on hand. Since I do all my spray painting outside it might not be the right type of weather the day I need to spray so that also helps a lot.

Spray priming a bottle is very easy. I use Krylon fusion for plastic. It also says on the bottle that it is for other types of surfaces as well. I figured that it would stick better to the glass. I keep the bottles standing right side up so that I can rotate them by sticking my finger in the opening of the bottle. I apply thin coats, slowly working my way around the bottle until it is completely covered. Once it dries I apply a second coat. It is important to put the coats on thin and to hold the spray can about ten inches away from the bottle to prevent drip marks.

I usually only do two coats when I know that the bottle isn’t going to stay white. It isn’t perfect but since I am covering it with something else I’m not to worried about it. If I am going to leave the bottle white, I will wait longer between coats and apply a third coat. I also usually let my primer dry over night before adding any more decorations to it. That way it is completely dry before I apply any thing else.

Now that you have cleaned and primed your bottle let it dry overnight. Then tomorrow we are going to decorate a bottle. Exciting! Tomorrow I am going to tell you guys how I decorated these three simple black bottles. As many of you know I like to add in a bonus every week so this weeks its chalk board. These black bottles are chalk board bottles.IMG_1105


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