Chalk Board Bottles

The chalk board trend has slowed down but I think these bottles would be the perfect addition to any room. Another cute idea would be to add chalk board paint to other types of containers to make labeling easy. (the pictures below are from Pinterest)

Im sorry! I know I said this would be posted yesterday but life happened and I was not able to get it up. Better late than never though. So today I am going to tell you how I made these three chalk board bottles. I made these a while ago so I don’t have as many step by step instructions as I usually do. These are very simple to make but came out very cute. If you have any questions about how I made them or would like pictures please feel free to comment or email me and I would be more than happy to help you. IMG_1105What you will need for these bottles is
-wine bottles
-Chalk board paint
-paint brush or sponge
-painters tape
-decorations of your choosingIMG_1111

The first bottles I am going to explain the one on the far left in the picture above. First your going to clean your bottle and remove the label. Next your going to prime the bottle with rubbing alcohol. Then your going to use your painters tape to mark off the area that you want to have chalk board paint. Lastly your going to paint that area with your chalk board paint. I painted it by hand and did not use any spray primer. I had to do a couple coats. Then when I applied the final coat before it dried I took the tape off. The edges of my paint were not perfect and I like the way it looks. You could easily go back and touch up the edges after you take the tape off if you want nice clean edges.IMG_1114

For the other two bottles I used almost the same process. It was still very simple. For these bottles you clean them and wipe them off with rubbing alcohol. I did not prime them with paint but I highly recommend it. I found since I didn’t prime and I was painting by hand the paint was streaky. Also when I went back to apply the second coat I had a problem with the first coat of paint rubbing off. All you have to do is paint the whole bottle with the chalk board paint. After it has completely dried you apply the decorations of your choice or even leave them plain for maximum chalk board space.IMG_1113

For my flower bottle I used a flower that I had on my wall for decoration. It was just layers of fabric that was cut into the shape of a flower then I added a gem in the middle to hold it all together. I placed the flower where I wanted it on the bottle and applied it with E6000 craft glue. I had to lay the bottle on its side and I used books to prevent it from rolling as it dried. Then for the anchor bottle all I did was buy some thin twine. I got my anchor from the jewelry section of Pat catans. It is for a necklace and actually twist apart so you can put beads on it. I just wrapped my twine around the neck of the bottle a few times and added my anchor before tying a knot.IMG_1112These bottles are very simple and do not take long. I loved the way they turned out. There are so many different ways you could decorate a bottle that the possibilities are endless. Next I am going to tell you how I made my beach themed bottles. So keep an eye for that post coming soon.


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