Anchor Beach Bottle

Here in Ohio the rain is finally slowing down and the snow is hopefully gone for the year. I am getting very excited for summer and the nice weather. I am a beach bum on the inside and I just love summer. The hot sun, bright colors, and fun out door activities are just some of the reason I love summer. I feel like when the weather gets nice its the perfect time for DIYs. I can go outside and get messy with my projects and get my creative juices flowing.

In the spirit of my inner self I made these beach bottles. They work well as a pair but also look good independently. I feel like when I make bottles that less is more. I find my simple bottles turn out better than the ones that I try to make really detailed. I also find that my bottles that looks the best are just the spur of the moment ideas that I make and don’t put a lot of planning into. My anchor bottle is one of those spur of the moment bottles. I found this anchor fabric in one of my craft boxes and threw this bottle together quickly one day.IMG_1073

What you will need:

  • a glass bottle
  • rubbing alcohol
  • white primer
  • brown and white paint
  • spong
  • hot glue
  • fabric or ribbon
  • sea shell


First your going to clean and prime your bottle.

Then take your brown paint and make is into a light tan color. This will be the base color for your “sand” on the bottle. Apply a thin coat with your sponge. I chose brown because I wanted it to look like sand to match my beach theme. You could use any paint color you would like.

Once the entire bottle is covered. Add more brown paint to your tan to create a darker tan color. Again your going to sponge that on your bottle but more spread out so that your just adding shadows into your base coat.

Once your paint is completely dried your going to apply your fabric or ribbon. I chose anchors because I was doing a beach theme but you could use any color or pattern you would like. Since mine was fabric not ribbon I folded over three ended so you would not see the raw edge of the fabric.

I did not worry about turning over one end of my fabric because I would be over lapping the other end and did not want to create bulk. Next your going to glue your fabric or ribbon to your bottle. I used hot glue and just gradually worked my way around the bottle glueing the fabric down.

After the entire fabric was attached all I had to do was apply my sea shell. Once again you could leave the shell off or add any extra shape or decoration you would like.

Thats all there is to it. It is a simple bottle and very easy to make. I had all my supplies in my craft room and it did not take long to make. I didn’t put my layers of paint on thick so it dried very quickly and I was able to do every step almost immediately after the previous one. This bottle took me maybe an hour and a half from beginning to end.


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