Pallet Coasters

The weeks are going by so fast and summer is making a speedy approach. It finally feels like spring here in Ohio and that has me all excited. When the weather gets nice there are so many things I look forward to. A few of my top favorites would be hiking, flea markets, swimming, garage sails, bon fires, and many more. As you all know I am always looking for a good price and cool craft opportunity, so what better places to find those than flea markets and garage sales.

This weekend a friend and I went to a flea market close to where I live. I saw a lot of cool and interesting things. I love going to flea markets because you never know what your going to find. Recently I started watching a show called ‘Flea Market Flip’ and I have fallen in love with it. If you haven’t seen it they take two couples and have them compete against each other. They go to a flea market and have to find projects to flip and complete as part of the challenge. Then they have to go back to the flea market and sell their items and the winner is determined by who makes the most profit from their pieces. This show has inspired me to complete some of my own flea market flip projects this summer. So even though the weather will be nice and you will want to spend a lot of time outside don’t forget to check back and see the projects I have completed.

Now that summer is right around the corner school will be ending soon and the entertaining season will be upon us. So this means cook outs and having friends and family over more often. It also means that many of us want to give our house a quick but inexpensive pick me up so it looks nice for all our house guests. So this week we are going to give into the pallet trend by adding decoration and protection to our home with some pallet coasters. I found these to be very cute and they actually look like little pallets.

I was very surprised when I made these how much they looked like little pallets. They are very light weight and inexpensive to make. They are 4 inches by 4 inches witch is on the bigger side for coasters. These would be perfect for someone that has big cups. I do have some complaints about these coasters before we get started. 1. They are time consuming. There is only a few steps to the process but by the the time you do it to all the popsicle sticks it takes some time. 2. The tutorial I followed used hot glue but that did not hold the popsicle sicks together so I had to use tacky glue. When glueing I had to make the base and wait for them to dry then add the tops. This added more time to the process. So if your in love with pallets these would totally be worth all the work but personally these coasters tested my patience. Keep in mind though that I like everything to look professional so you could easily take less time sanding the popsicle sticks and painting them than I did. Alright here we go.

What you will need:

  • popsicle sticks or craft sticks
  • scissors
  • riler
  • pencil
  • sand paper
  • paint or wood stain of your choosing (or not)
  • tacky glue or wood glue
  • clear sealant (optional)


You are going to use 13 popsicle sticks for each pallet so make sure you have enough sticks for your set of coasters. I did a set of four and completed each step for all of my sticks at the same time. This is why I think it took a lot of time for this project.

Step one:
You are going to want to cut off all the rounded edges of your popsicle stick. So I measured 4 inches on all my popsicle sticks and marked the cut line with a pencil. When measuring I measure from right after the curve on the left side then marked 4 inches on the right side. Then I used my scissors to cut off all the ends. Warning they will fly everywhere.

Step two:
Next I took sand paper, it doesn’t matter what grit since the sticks are soft, and I sanded the ends that I just cut off. I also sanded some of the sides that looked a little rough.

Step three:
Paint the popsicle sticks. I wanted mine to look stained but I didn’t have any wood stain. So I got creative and used water color paint on my popsicle slick. I think the looked pretty good. I painted all the sides of all the popsicle sicks.

Step four:
This step could be skipped but Im a perfectionist. I went back and sanded the tops of the sticks that would be the top of my pallet. I sanded it to give it a distressed kind of look. Once again this it totally optional depending on the look you want. I wanted mine to look like old used pallets so I roughed them up a bit.

Step five:
Now we finally get to put the pallets together. You will need 5 popsicle sticks for the base of the pallet.  This is difficult to explain so bear with me here. Your pallet consists of three layers of wood the bottom, middle, and top. We want to lay down two popsicle sticks for the bottom. Then we are going to glue three popsicle sticks on their sides for the middle. These will create the space between the bottom and the top giving our pallet its box shape.

Step six:
After that has completely dried we are going to glue our 8 sticks on top. I laid mine out on the base then picked them up and glued them. This way I got the spacing correct.

Step seven:
This step is also optional. I was worried about how sturdy the coasters were and also how they would be affected by water so I sprayed them with clear sealer. I think it made them sturdier and this way I did not have to worry about the paint coming off if my cup had condensation on it. I also sprayed the sides good to help give the glue some extra hold and protect it from the water as well. IMG_1106


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