How to craft on a budget

When Im in the store or online and I find something that I like but then see the high price I instantly think “I could make that for a lot cheeper”. There is probably many of you that fell the same way. Then we go to our local craft store buy all our supplies and end up still spending at least $20. Well today I am going share with you my secrets to crafting on a budget. I am a college student with a part time job that gives me very little hours and even smaller paychecks. Since I have started my blog and got more dedicated to crafting and DIYs I have spent around $200 in crafting supplies. I can honestly say that $0 of that was spent in a craft store.

I used to always go to the craft store when I needed something but with a little searching and shopping I realized that I do not need to go t0 the craft store. Not only can you find the same thing you would in a craft store at other stores but they are almost always cheeper and often better quality. I am currently saving money to do a craft haul and I will be making a post about that.

To find the best deals on supplies when you go to a store check out the art or school supply section to see what the store has. They always sneak in something that you use. I live closer to a Walmart than a craft store so it makes it very convenient when I need something. I never really looked in the art section except for the school supplies. One day my boyfriend needed something for his car so we went to Walmart. I decided to take a look in the craft section and never knew how much stuff they had there. Also the prices were a lot cheeper. The craft sticks I used on my pallet coasters I got form Walmart for $1.97 for a pack of 150. At Jo Ann Fabrics they would of cost me $3.49. It might not be a much but over time the small savings will add up.

Another store I love to buy craft supplies from is the Dollar Tree. Everything is a dollar and they are constantly getting in different items depending on the season. I recently went there and spent over an hour wondering around the small store. I only spent $20 but I got a lot of stuff. I also like to buy my ribbon and flowers form the dollar tree. I don’t use fake flowers often but when buying them from the craft store they can get pricy especially if you need several different types. Another thing I like about their store is, you can go online to their website and order items in bulk. Then you get free inshore pick up. So if you are using a lot of the same supplies you can order it is bulk.

Other stores that I look for craft supplies are Dollar General, Aldi, Ollie’s, and thrift stores. I might only find a few items at these stores but I find they are frequently changing their merchandise. I find thrift stores to be the gold mind. Don’t get me wrong they can definitely be hit or miss but when I do find something it is a lot cheeper. Also the thrift stores I shop at all the proceeds go to charity so I am willing to spend more money there. I recently went to the thrift store and bought a chandelier  for $6. Im planning on painting it and repurposing it so the few scratches it had didn’t matter to me. If I would have bought it brand new I would have spent $30 at least.

Also when crafting get creative. Look for different ways to use supplies or how to turn your trash into something useful. If you want to see what I have done recently I will be making a post called “Trash to Treasure” next week. I will show you how I  use my trash for crafting or how I transformed some items.


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