Pretty flowers! Ugly Flower Pots?

Spring is here and it is now time to plant flowers. The thought of having pretty flowers decorating the outside of my house just makes me so happy. While getting out my old flower pots out I noticed they were dirty and ugly. I like to use terracotta pots because they are sturdier and I can reuse them every year but, they aren’t very pretty looking. All the decorative pots at the store were plastic and I find they don’t hold up as well as terracotta pots. So of course I decorated my flower pots. I think they look much better.

This was a very simple DIY and didn’t take very long. It would be a cute way to personalize the flower you give to your mom or grandma on mothers day. There are also many other things to do with flower pots besides planting in them. They could be cute desk organizers, candles, or they could add that pop of color and extra storage you need in a room. (below picture found on Pinterest)

What you will need:

-Flower pots
-spray primer


Because there are so many different possibilities of how you could decorate your flower pot, my directions may not achieve the look you want. I am going to give simple directions to serve as a guide for you as you paint your flower pots. I chose to make mine pink and add rhinestone and plastic flowers as decorations to mine. Honestly after I finished mine with the rhinestones I did not like the way it turned out. IMG_1175

Step 1:
First I primed all my flower pots with my white spray primer. Sadly I ran out of spray primer during this process. So I would recommend spraying the top and inside the top of the flower pot also. I am not going to be using mine for planting so I did not worry about it but if your are planting I recommend it. I propped my pots up on old containers s0 they were not sitting on the card board. It makes it easier to get the rim of the pots.IMG_1149

Step 2:
I sprayed my two larger pots with the colored paint I chose. This is where your process might be different if you choose to hand paint them. I did about two coats. I also covered the bottom of the pots to give it a more professional look. When they were dry I flipped them over and prayed inside the top of the pot. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of this.

Step 3:
I then used painters tape on my medium size pot and added my silver spray paint design. I purposely made the stripes different sizes and crooked. This is where I should have stopped. I think it looks cute and simple just like this.

Step 4:
If your going to plant in your pots and are not going to paint on any more decoration this is  where you would want to spray sealer. I strongly recommend this because when I was doing my research on this project there was a lot of people complaining their paint peeled off when they got wet. I personally did not do this because my pots will be used to store craft supplies.

Step 5:
For my two pink pots I glued on the rhinestones and flowers using my E6000 glue. I had to lay my larger pot on its side till the glue dried because I noticed my flowers starting to slide off. Once again I didn’t take pictures. Im sorry!IMG_1164

Before I glued on my decoration I taped off the top of my small pot with painters tape. It wasn’t necessary but I felt it was safer that way. Then I took silver acrylic paint and hand painted the bottom of my small pot to compliment my medium pot. I applied three coats because it was very thin. I did my first coat and allowed it to dry while I was glueing on my decoration to my other pots and then applied a second coat.

Step 6:
Once my silver paint was dry I glued my flowers all the way around the top of my pot with my E6000 glue.

So my flower pots didn’t turn out as cute as I hoped they would. I thought these looked adorable on Pinterest but mine were a small fail. I think this would be a great DIY for a mothers day gift and I am hoping to make more so I will post pictures of those. Also on my Pinterest I have created a board dedicated to this DIY and below are some of my favorites that I have seen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.30.53 AM


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