Summer Tule Wreath

As promised here is your DIY of the week. We will be making a tule wreath. This is so versatile and would look cute on any house.

What you will need:

-a foam wreath form (mine is 14 inches)
-6 in wide ribbon, tile, or fabric in atlas two colors (mine is ribbon) you will need at least            20 yards
-masking tape
-card board or stiff paper
optional: embellishments

How you make it

Step 1:

Cut your cardboard or paper to 16 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Step 2:

Take your tape and tape one end of your ribbon to the end of the card board. Then wrap your ribbon around the cardboard until there is no ribbon left on your spool.

Step 3:

Cut both ends of our ribbon the the card board. You will want sharp scissors and to cut through every layer. This will make your ribbon strips to put on your wreath form.

Step 4:

Next you will take two pieces of your ribbon and tie it around your wreath form leaving the ends on the outside of the wreath form. I used two pieces because my ribbon was thin but if yours is thick enough that you can’t see through it the you could only use one piece.

Once you have tied your ribbon all the way around the wreath you are finished. I chose to embellish mine and had a hook on the back to hang it from. I just used small flowers that I got form the dollar tree and hot glued the mall the way around the wreath form. On the back I added a thin piece of ribbon with hot glue to create a loop to hang it from.


I apologize for the crappy pictures. I recently found one of my old cameras and decided to try it out. I didn’t realize how bad the pictures were until I added them to the post.


Day #3

Well today is technically day three of my healthy lifestyle change but I have only completed two days since it is 6am as I am typing this. So these past two days have went pretty well. In trying to live a healthier lifestyle I am gradually making a change. I didn’t want to go cold turkey on couch time and junk food because I knew this change wouldn’t last long. So I am going to take it week by week in how intense I get. This week my main focus is eating healthier than I was, drinking more water, and light exercise in exciting ways.

Drinking More Water

Believe it or not drinking water has a major effect on your life. We are supposed to drink eight glasses of water that are eight ounces every day. Thats a lot of water then add some sweaty activity to that and you need to drink more. This is the problem I have, I’ll drink a few glasses of water and get tired of the flavorless beverage. So I am adding a little prep time to my every day activity. Before I go to bed I have a routine that I do. I have added a few things to that routine, one of them being making lemon water. Lemon water not only tastes good but its water and its lemon. So as you get hydrated and your absorbing some nutrients from the lemon. You could add any fruit or vegetable you want to the water and get the same effect. Another thing you could try adding is mint leaves.

So what I do is I take my 20 oz water bottle add half a small lemon fill it with water and let it set in the fridge over night. You could do this any time of the day it is just easiest for me to do it at night because I leave for work at 5am. After I have made my lemon water I put a glass bowl, spoon, and single serving oatmeal packet into my bag. That way when I wake up in the morning my work bag is packed and all I have to do is grab my drink from the fridge.

Eating Healthier (but still eating)

I find in having healthy day it is best to start it early. So for breakfast eat something healthy. I used to not pack my breakfast so I would grab pop tarts or toaster strudels for breakfast. While those tasted great they are full of unnatural sugar. I found when eating those I would have major cravings all day for sweet things and fruit just wouldn’t do it for me. Now I start my day with oatmeal and a large glass of water. I know what you are all thinking my coffee has water so it counts. Well unless you can drink your coffee black your also getting the sugar and the bad things from the creamer and sweeteners. I, like many others love coffee, especially when its creamy and sweet. I can also drink about four cups in the morning. So instead of breaking up with your coffee try to cut back. I limit myself to one small cup and only in the morning.

Now that I have eaten my oatmeal I have started the day off right so why ruin it with an unhealthy lunch. By eating a good breakfast I find I am fuller longer, I am more motivated to eat right the rest of the day, and I don’t have cravings like I did before. I still have the cravings but I am determined to not give in. I find that when I have a craving a lot of times I might just be thirsty but mistake it for hunger. So when I am craving something I am going to sit and drink a whole glass of water. This will train me to respond to those urges in a healthier way and to also know what by body needs better. If after I drink my water I still feel hungry I’ll substitute my sugary sweets for a naturally sugary sweet like fruit or veggies.

Physical Activity

Along with drinking water and eating right we need to exercise. Now that the weather is nice I don’t want to spend my day inside. That includes when I’m working out. Which I can’t do any ways because my gym is closed this week for cleaning. So instead of using that as an excuse to not workout I am using it as motivation to find fun alternate ways to get a work out in. Im am currently taking a yoga class at school for credit but it is not what I expected it to be. We only do about twenty to thirty minutes of yoga and the rest of the time is spent on paper work learning. So I am trying to do more than that. I am lucky enough to live close to a park that had a huge open grass area and several trails through the woods. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went there and played some frisbee and threw a ball back and forth. After that we went on about a mile and a half hike. It was a lot of fun and a great way to get in some exercise. While I also enjoy going to the gym and hitting the weight this was a great way to get in some exercise as well.

If you use the excuse that you don’t have the time to go to the gym and work out there are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into your every day routine. Try walking to places that you go instead of driving. If you live to far away then just park in the furthest spot away from the budding in the parking lot. Also instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. Other things you could do it make time for a quick work out. Do 15 to 20 unites of high intensity activity right in your own home. Its enough to get your heart rate up and maybe even break a sweat.

Another thing I find helpful is to phone a friend. Want to get some physical activity, ask a friend or your partner to go to the park or the mall. You could even set a challenge for each other. Also if you have a dog most likely they would love you even more if you took them on a walk. It doesn’t have to be an hour long walk like I said 15 to 20 unites of a fast pace walk is almost as good.

I love working out in the gym don’t get me wrong but I am tired of doing the same activity all the time. I get bored and then my work out gets cut short or isn’t as hard as I would like it to be. So I am going to try to incorporate more physical activity throughout my day so if I don’t have time for the gym one day I won’t feel as bad.

All of these things I am doing will pay off over time. When trying to live healthier and lose weight it won’t happen in a day. I have learned that patiences is very important. I am seeing a foundation for the rest of my life so I am making sure it is string before I try to pile more things on top. I know as time goes on my eating habits will get better and my work outs will be more intense. For now I am trying to prepare my self for the harder days by setting the mood and getting my mind and body on the same page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.53.02 AM.png

Im Baaaaack!

Hello and a happy summer Monday to everyone. For some of you, well many of you the summer has not begin but for me it has. I know it has been a fat minute since I have posted something but here I am.

Incase you missed it, I was in New York City all last week. I had a lot of fun but I am happy to be back in quiet Ohio. I loved being in the city and went on many fun adventures. We boarded the mega bus Monday morning at 8 am and arrived in New York City Monday evening at about 6pm. We then participated in tourist activities throughout the week. I stayed in an apartment through Airbnb in Hells Kitchen. It was only about three blocks from time square making my week very exciting. I visited the new One World Observatory, took a fairy ride and saw the statue of liberty, went on a down town bus tour as well as a night bus tour. I ate a lot of good food and did some shopping. My favorite thing I did in NYC was see the Lion King on broadway. It was amazing!! If you have the chance to go see it I highly recommend it. My favorite shopping in NYC was the four story Forever 21 and all the Starbucks. There were so many Starbucks, one about every block. I was in coffee heaven. If you would like to see more pictures follow my Instagram @createlynndiy

I enjoyed my break from Ohio and was very happy I got away. The city is amazing to see but all the hustle and bustle just isn’t for me. If I had to hear another horn honk I was going to cut my ears off. Now that I am back I have many fun things in mind to share with all of you. I recently made a few wreaths and decided to see if they would sell. They sold very quick, so I am going to keep making them to have a little extra money. I plan to post them as I make them for all of you to see.

I don’t know if you guys like this or even care but I want to tell you whats going on in my live. I recently realized I have a lot of cameras. I want to put them to use through more than just blogging so I am setting myself a 30 day challenge. I am going to cary a camera with me for 30 day to take pictures and videos of what I do. Then I might possibly take my life and make it even more public by starting a youtube channel. I am currently in the process of trying to figure out what to do with my life and I figured why not explore all the options.

Also if you didn’t already know this I am a college student and today is the first day of summer classes. I am taking classes over the summer to get ahead in my studies and graduate early. By taking these classes I will hopefully graduate in December of 2016 and I am very excited about that. Our summer classes are broken up into 3 secessions of 5 weeks. This is the first secession and I am only taking one class, yoga. I am very excited.

In August I am going on a cruise with my boyfriend and I want to look good. I am hoping by taking yoga I will be more motivated to work out. I am also going to try to eat better and live just an over all healthier life style. I am not doing any crazy diet or exercise to see fast results like I have tried in the past. I am going to slowly change my life style in a realistic way that works with my schedule. If you would like me to create posts about my process like this post so I know that your interested.

Along with videos I am going to try to make more posts on here for all of you to see. Just a disclaimer to everyone I blog because I want to share my ideas with all of you. I craft because I enjoy it. Making a little extra money here and there is just an added bonus.I do not craft for an income and it is not my career. I enjoy crafting so much that I do it almost every day. I constantly making things that I don’t blog about. If you want to keep up with what  I am making follow my Instagram because I always post what I make. If you do not have an Instagram get one. There are so many people out there using it to share their life, ideas, and so many other things. Its a great way to get ideas and see new things.

I am going to work on some wreaths and keep you guys posted. Keep an eye out for a DIY post coming to you shortly. I will have it posted by Wednesday if not by Tuesday. Have a great week and keep crafting.

Turn Trash into Treasure

Hello ladies and gentle men I hope you are having a great week so far. I needed to take a break from studying and decided it was time to make this past.

So in a lot of my DIYs I reuse old products from around my house and have tagged several of my posts with recycle. Well while watching my favorite show, Home and Family, yesterday they did a DIY doing something similar and used the correct term.
RE-PUR-POSING. So today I am not going to talk about recycling but repurposing. I have a lot of stuff in my craft room/ area. Since I do share my crafting space with the laundry, fitness equipment, food pantry, storage area, and all the usual basement pipes and junk I am very limited on space. So I try to organize all my crafting supplies. Plus I find it to be a lot easier to craft if everything has a place and everything is in its place. I bought this large cubby shelf from the restore and I am using small containers to sort and store everything. When I starting organizing I bought these small containers. They worked perfectly for what I needed them for and were fairly inexpensive. I quickly realized that I did not buy enough so I found other ways to store my supplies. Along with storage some of these things would be great for children to use.

I am going to post some pictures of my craft room in this blog and warning it is messy. I didn’t have the time or even want to clean up before I took these pictures so you are seeing my craft space how it usually is. A lot of what you see laying around is half finished projects or items I haven’t found a spot to store yet. Bare with me because this room is a very big work in progress.

This is the cubby I was telling you about. It is supposed to stand tall ways but because of limited space I turned it on it side and laid it on top of the desks. On the right is the containers I explained. I also went though and labeled them with some labels I found while organizing. Also on top of the cubby I have about a two foot gap till the ceiling so I store larger containers up there. I have only a few cubbies left that do not have thing in them and the top of my cubby is completely full. As you can see I am running out of space and fast. Over the summer  I am hoping to reorganize the space to create more space and hopefully have more light for my videos.

This next project is a two for one deal. I like to make home made little flowers out of Hawaiian leis. It is much cheeper than buying flowers and I can make them the size and color I want. So I just buy leis from Dollar General or thrift stores and take them apart. I like to organize the taken apart leis by color so I just use old fruit containers. I like them because they are clear and large. They also have holes in them so the flowers won’t get that musty basement smell to them. These containers would also be great for paint brushes or even small kids toys. Its great that they are basically free after you eat all the fruit. All you need to do to repurpose them is to wash them out and maybe take the label off.

This next one was kid of an accident. I was cleaning and found a ton of little containers of play dough. I was going to give it away but upon going through them I found that a lot of them had mixed colors or were dried up. So I threw away all the old play dough and cleaned the containers to recycle them. Well lazy me never took them upstairs to the recycling bin and stumbled upon a purpose for them one day. I was giving a friend a small gift that I did want to lose in my school bag so I painted the container silver and put it inside. It was so cute and unique. I also found they would be the perfect container for earrings when traveling. Also I turned some of them into bead organizers. I wanted to color code my beads and went to buy an organizer. Well I have a lot of beads and the size I would need to buy was more than I was willing to spend. So I took my little play dough containers and starting sorting my beads. They also got a label on the front so I knew what color was inside.

These were just some things that I have recently done. They were all things around my house and saved me some money from buying actual containers. I think this is a great idea especially for me because you all know how much of an organization freak I am.

Dollar Tree Haul

Hi guys! So there are some very exciting things going on in my life that I would like to share with you before I get into my haul. This weekend I visited my mom for mothers day and ended up reserving a booth at a craft show near me. It is July 9th in Canton Ohio. So I am excited to share all my activities along the way. I plan to show you everything I make and also how I set up my table. This will be my first craft show and I cannot wait. I will have an eight foot table for my sale space. It isn’t much but I think it is the perfect start. Along with that I found a store in my home town that will display some of my DIYs for sale. So I can finally start making profit on my crafts.

Today I took my first final and I nailed it. I have two finals separating me from being a senior and I am so excited. I thought I would be so stressed this week but with all the fun activities I have to look forward to I am doing pretty good. I am focusing on all the things I have coming up to keep me motivated to get these finals over with. Also I am trying to rush this week along because I leave for New York City in one week! I haven been to New York City for five years (wow its been a long time). I will be staying two blocks from time square so right in the heart of all the action.

In a previous post I mentioned possibly starting a YouTube channel and I have decided I am doing one. I think I was destined to do it honestly. I have been watching YouTube videos of tips and trips about starting a YouTube channel and I have everything I need. I have the space, equipment, creativity, skills, and some of the time. So I am using my trip to New York as inspiration and I am going to make my first videos around that. I am not abandoning my blog just adding to it with a YouTube channel.

Ok fly by tour of my life right now is done and we are onto the haul. I recently made a post about how to craft on a budget and I thought it would be cool to share one of my recent Dollar Tree hauls with all of you. So unfortunately I am going to be even more poor because they opened a Dollar Tree down the street from my house. Good for Dollar Tree because they will be getting all my money but bad for my bank account.

Into the Haul!

So for this haul I went in with several DIYs I mind. I got everything from the Dollar Tree where everything cost $1. I find that Dollar Tree has different things at every store. If I got something that you do not have at your local Dollar Tree or you do not have a Dollar Tree near you they do have a website. I like to look on their website before I go into the store. Also they have an option on their website for you to order something and have it shipped to your store for free pick up. You can also use that option for buying items in bulk which I am going to start doing.

The first thing I picked up was a lot of flip flops. I buy both youth and adult because I use them to make wreaths with. Something I do is buy them all in the same size especially for the same wreath. So if I am making a wreath I will buy the flip flops for that wreath all in the same size. I also like that I can change the size of my flip flops to change the size of my wreath.

I also got some dishes and glass wear. All of these are for crafts the only thing I will be using for its intended purpose is the mugs after I DIY them. The plates in the bottom right corner are plastic that I plan to paint. The top left corner is some candle holders I got. I know they look like mini wine glasses.

I got a 12 inch wire wrath form. This one is a raised wreath form so it has some dimension to it. They also have foam wreath forms as well but I did not get any at this time. I got 6 inch by 5 yards decorative mesh in patriotic colors, along with some half in red silk ribbon with go with my wreath.

I also picked up some decorations and clothes pins. I got a variety pack of 32 sheets of 4in. X 6in foam sheets. I got 2 packs of 36 count clothes pins.  think these are cheeper to buy from Walmart but I didn’t want to make another trip out. I picked up a bouquet of 5 white daisies that are abut 3 inches in diameter. Honestly I buy all my fake flowers from the Dollar Tree or thrift stores. Then in the bottom left is flowered leis that I will be making flowers out of. Then I got flowered Hawaiian hair clips. There is three in a pack and I am taking the flowers off to use as decorations. I also got some butter flies to decorate with. These were fairly small ones they also have larger ones about 6 inches. I got a pack of three with teal and brown which were smaller. Then some larger ones that came in pack pf two in purple and yellow.

In this haul I spent about $50 including tax. If I were to buy these supplies form the craft store I would of spent upwards of $200. I know that some of these supplies may not be the best quality but once I give them a little TLC they are perfect for what I like to do with them.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday my crafty creators! It is officially May and hopefully the flowers are starting to bloom. I wanted to tell you all about a few things going on in my life right and and give an apology in advance if you do not hear from me much in the next few weeks. I promise I am not going to drop of the face of the internet but I may not be on here 20/7 like I usually am.

As you might know I am a college student with a great love for crafting and getting creative. I one day hope to have a job involving some type of creative aspect. In order to do this I first need to get my degree which is the only reason I am spending so much money on college. For those of you that would like to know, I will be graduating in December of 2016 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Supervision. If you do not know what Organizational Supervision is, well it is basically the same as business management without the accounting aspect of it.

I am very excited to graduate and have worked so hard to get where I am today. I only have two semesters left after I finish this semester. Thankfully there is only this week and then finals week until summer. With the semester coming to an end and finals week coming up I will be very busy with school assignments. That being said I wanted to give you all a warning that I will not be as dedicated to my blog these next two weeks. I apologize to any one it offends that I am more dedicated to school than my blog at this current moment.

But the good news is I have worked very hard this weekend on projects and have several lined up to post these next couple weeks so don’t worry your creative minds will still have some DIYs to absorb. Also when this summer comes along I am going to be a lot more dedicated to my blog. I plan on making more consistent posts not only about DIYs but about things I am doing and adventures that Im taking.

This is where I would like a little feed back from the DIY/blogging/internet community. I am strongly considering adding vlogging to my blogging experiences. I would not stop making post on my blog but along with them I would make video tutorials and post them on youtube. So my question or favor I ask of you is…. please like this post if you would like to see me create a youtube channel. Also comment anything you can think of related to me creating a youtube channel. It can be anything from positive to negative. Honestly I work well with creative criticism. I would love it if we kept it positive and if your really interested and would like to persuade me to start a youtube channel I have some questions below that you could comment and answer or even feel free to send me an email.

  • What are some DIY project you would like to see me do?
  • Are you interested in posts/videos about myself?
  • If you have a youtube channel or vlog what tips do you have for getting started?

A big shout out to everyone who likes and comments on my posts. I am doing this for you people and your comments and likes help me. I love feed back and would love to get more. I know my blog is still in the baby stages but I would love to expand and grow in every way. If you are also a blogger and would like to do a collaboration I would love to work on one with someone.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week. For any other college student good luck on all your final assignments of the semester and for those of you graduating congrats!! You did it! Your awesome!

Farewell for now my fellow creators I will be back soon.

Mothers Words

Mother day is next week and I obviously am making my mom a present. I love making home made gifts even if it isn’t much. I think it has more value and shows that you put more though into the gift. Im not saying I’m against giving gift cards or anything but why not partner it with some thing home made. I wanted to create something simple, quick, cheep, but meaningful and that is exactly what this gift is. Another great thing about making something home made is it can easily be displayed. Also I know none of my moms friends will be getting the same gift.

Making this gift was very simple I had all the supplies at my house. It didn’t take me very long to make either which is always a bonus.

What you will need:

  • a picture frame
  • decorative paper
  • scrabble letters
  • E6000 glue (jell and spray kind)
  • exacto knife or scissors
  • stickers and markers (optional)IMG_1195


Step 1
I bought my picture frame from a thrift store so the first thing I did was lay out all my scrabble words to make sure they were even going to fit. Thankfully they did. If you do not already have a picture frame I recommend going to the thrift store. I found mine for 25¢ and all it needed was a little TLC.

Step 2
I took the picture frame apart and I spray painted my picture frame to give it that brand new look. I did two coats of red and it looked brand new. While it was drying I measure my paper and cut it to the size of my glass. I also trimmed it a little so that it would not be right to the edges of the glass making sure my frame would have the proper fit. If you do this you don’t have to worry about being able to see it, if you only cut off a little bit because the frame will cover the bare glass.

Step 3
I took my E6000 spray adhesive, that I found on clearance for only $1.99, and sprayed a thin coat on the glass of my picture frame. I sprayed it on the outside of my picture frame so that I would be glueing my letters to the paper instead of the glass. I also did not want my paper to have a shiny surface like it would if I put the glass over top of it.

Step 4
I then laid my frame over the glass and made small marks with a pencil to know where the glass would be covered by the frame. I did this so that I would not glue any scrabble tiles where my frame would be.

Step 5
I then used glitter nail polish and added a little bit of sparkle to the word mother. I apologize for it being difficult to see in the pictures. Once it was dry I used my E6000 jell glue to glue my scrabble tiles to my paper.

Step 6 (optional)
To give it a little something extra I added three red heart stickers in the bottom corner of my picture frame and used a gold sharpie to put my sisters and my initial in the hearts. I also took my sharpie and wrote 2016 on the bottom of the frame so my mom can easily remember when I gave it to her.

After that my project was complete. I love how this turned out and it was very easy. This is a great idea that could easily be replicated. Other ways to complete this project but give it your own personal twist would be to change up the colors. If you do not have scrabble tiles and do not want to order any, you could easily type this up and print it out. Another way to personalize it would be to get a larger photo frame and add a picture along side the words. You could also emphasize the word mother more than just adding glitter. I tried several techniques and none of them were what I was looking for.