Happy Monday

Happy Monday my crafty creators! It is officially May and hopefully the flowers are starting to bloom. I wanted to tell you all about a few things going on in my life right and and give an apology in advance if you do not hear from me much in the next few weeks. I promise I am not going to drop of the face of the internet but I may not be on here 20/7 like I usually am.

As you might know I am a college student with a great love for crafting and getting creative. I one day hope to have a job involving some type of creative aspect. In order to do this I first need to get my degree which is the only reason I am spending so much money on college. For those of you that would like to know, I will be graduating in December of 2016 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Supervision. If you do not know what Organizational Supervision is, well it is basically the same as business management without the accounting aspect of it.

I am very excited to graduate and have worked so hard to get where I am today. I only have two semesters left after I finish this semester. Thankfully there is only this week and then finals week until summer. With the semester coming to an end and finals week coming up I will be very busy with school assignments. That being said I wanted to give you all a warning that I will not be as dedicated to my blog these next two weeks. I apologize to any one it offends that I am more dedicated to school than my blog at this current moment.

But the good news is I have worked very hard this weekend on projects and have several lined up to post these next couple weeks so don’t worry your creative minds will still have some DIYs to absorb. Also when this summer comes along I am going to be a lot more dedicated to my blog. I plan on making more consistent posts not only about DIYs but about things I am doing and adventures that Im taking.

This is where I would like a little feed back from the DIY/blogging/internet community. I am strongly considering adding vlogging to my blogging experiences. I would not stop making post on my blog but along with them I would make video tutorials and post them on youtube. So my question or favor I ask of you is…. please like this post if you would like to see me create a youtube channel. Also comment anything you can think of related to me creating a youtube channel. It can be anything from positive to negative. Honestly I work well with creative criticism. I would love it if we kept it positive and if your really interested and would like to persuade me to start a youtube channel I have some questions below that you could comment and answer or even feel free to send me an email.

  • What are some DIY project you would like to see me do?
  • Are you interested in posts/videos about myself?
  • If you have a youtube channel or vlog what tips do you have for getting started?

A big shout out to everyone who likes and comments on my posts. I am doing this for you people and your comments and likes help me. I love feed back and would love to get more. I know my blog is still in the baby stages but I would love to expand and grow in every way. If you are also a blogger and would like to do a collaboration I would love to work on one with someone.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week. For any other college student good luck on all your final assignments of the semester and for those of you graduating congrats!! You did it! Your awesome!

Farewell for now my fellow creators I will be back soon.


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