Dollar Tree Haul

Hi guys! So there are some very exciting things going on in my life that I would like to share with you before I get into my haul. This weekend I visited my mom for mothers day and ended up reserving a booth at a craft show near me. It is July 9th in Canton Ohio. So I am excited to share all my activities along the way. I plan to show you everything I make and also how I set up my table. This will be my first craft show and I cannot wait. I will have an eight foot table for my sale space. It isn’t much but I think it is the perfect start. Along with that I found a store in my home town that will display some of my DIYs for sale. So I can finally start making profit on my crafts.

Today I took my first final and I nailed it. I have two finals separating me from being a senior and I am so excited. I thought I would be so stressed this week but with all the fun activities I have to look forward to I am doing pretty good. I am focusing on all the things I have coming up to keep me motivated to get these finals over with. Also I am trying to rush this week along because I leave for New York City in one week! I haven been to New York City for five years (wow its been a long time). I will be staying two blocks from time square so right in the heart of all the action.

In a previous post I mentioned possibly starting a YouTube channel and I have decided I am doing one. I think I was destined to do it honestly. I have been watching YouTube videos of tips and trips about starting a YouTube channel and I have everything I need. I have the space, equipment, creativity, skills, and some of the time. So I am using my trip to New York as inspiration and I am going to make my first videos around that. I am not abandoning my blog just adding to it with a YouTube channel.

Ok fly by tour of my life right now is done and we are onto the haul. I recently made a post about how to craft on a budget and I thought it would be cool to share one of my recent Dollar Tree hauls with all of you. So unfortunately I am going to be even more poor because they opened a Dollar Tree down the street from my house. Good for Dollar Tree because they will be getting all my money but bad for my bank account.

Into the Haul!

So for this haul I went in with several DIYs I mind. I got everything from the Dollar Tree where everything cost $1. I find that Dollar Tree has different things at every store. If I got something that you do not have at your local Dollar Tree or you do not have a Dollar Tree near you they do have a website. I like to look on their website before I go into the store. Also they have an option on their website for you to order something and have it shipped to your store for free pick up. You can also use that option for buying items in bulk which I am going to start doing.

The first thing I picked up was a lot of flip flops. I buy both youth and adult because I use them to make wreaths with. Something I do is buy them all in the same size especially for the same wreath. So if I am making a wreath I will buy the flip flops for that wreath all in the same size. I also like that I can change the size of my flip flops to change the size of my wreath.

I also got some dishes and glass wear. All of these are for crafts the only thing I will be using for its intended purpose is the mugs after I DIY them. The plates in the bottom right corner are plastic that I plan to paint. The top left corner is some candle holders I got. I know they look like mini wine glasses.

I got a 12 inch wire wrath form. This one is a raised wreath form so it has some dimension to it. They also have foam wreath forms as well but I did not get any at this time. I got 6 inch by 5 yards decorative mesh in patriotic colors, along with some half in red silk ribbon with go with my wreath.

I also picked up some decorations and clothes pins. I got a variety pack of 32 sheets of 4in. X 6in foam sheets. I got 2 packs of 36 count clothes pins. ¬†think these are cheeper to buy from Walmart but I didn’t want to make another trip out. I picked up a bouquet of 5 white daisies that are abut 3 inches in diameter. Honestly I buy all my fake flowers from the Dollar Tree or thrift stores. Then in the bottom left is flowered leis that I will be making flowers out of. Then I got flowered Hawaiian hair clips. There is three in a pack and I am taking the flowers off to use as decorations. I also got some butter flies to decorate with. These were fairly small ones they also have larger ones about 6 inches. I got a pack of three with teal and brown which were smaller. Then some larger ones that came in pack pf two in purple and yellow.

In this haul I spent about $50 including tax. If I were to buy these supplies form the craft store I would of spent upwards of $200. I know that some of these supplies may not be the best quality but once I give them a little TLC they are perfect for what I like to do with them.


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