Turn Trash into Treasure

Hello ladies and gentle men I hope you are having a great week so far. I needed to take a break from studying and decided it was time to make this past.

So in a lot of my DIYs I reuse old products from around my house and have tagged several of my posts with recycle. Well while watching my favorite show, Home and Family, yesterday they did a DIY doing something similar and used the correct term.
RE-PUR-POSING. So today I am not going to talk about recycling but repurposing. I have a lot of stuff in my craft room/ area. Since I do share my crafting space with the laundry, fitness equipment, food pantry, storage area, and all the usual basement pipes and junk I am very limited on space. So I try to organize all my crafting supplies. Plus I find it to be a lot easier to craft if everything has a place and everything is in its place. I bought this large cubby shelf from the restore and I am using small containers to sort and store everything. When I starting organizing I bought these small containers. They worked perfectly for what I needed them for and were fairly inexpensive. I quickly realized that I did not buy enough so I found other ways to store my supplies. Along with storage some of these things would be great for children to use.

I am going to post some pictures of my craft room in this blog and warning it is messy. I didn’t have the time or even want to clean up before I took these pictures so you are seeing my craft space how it usually is. A lot of what you see laying around is half finished projects or items I haven’t found a spot to store yet. Bare with me because this room is a very big work in progress.

This is the cubby I was telling you about. It is supposed to stand tall ways but because of limited space I turned it on it side and laid it on top of the desks. On the right is the containers I explained. I also went though and labeled them with some labels I found while organizing. Also on top of the cubby I have about a two foot gap till the ceiling so I store larger containers up there. I have only a few cubbies left that do not have thing in them and the top of my cubby is completely full. As you can see I am running out of space and fast. Over the summer  I am hoping to reorganize the space to create more space and hopefully have more light for my videos.

This next project is a two for one deal. I like to make home made little flowers out of Hawaiian leis. It is much cheeper than buying flowers and I can make them the size and color I want. So I just buy leis from Dollar General or thrift stores and take them apart. I like to organize the taken apart leis by color so I just use old fruit containers. I like them because they are clear and large. They also have holes in them so the flowers won’t get that musty basement smell to them. These containers would also be great for paint brushes or even small kids toys. Its great that they are basically free after you eat all the fruit. All you need to do to repurpose them is to wash them out and maybe take the label off.

This next one was kid of an accident. I was cleaning and found a ton of little containers of play dough. I was going to give it away but upon going through them I found that a lot of them had mixed colors or were dried up. So I threw away all the old play dough and cleaned the containers to recycle them. Well lazy me never took them upstairs to the recycling bin and stumbled upon a purpose for them one day. I was giving a friend a small gift that I did want to lose in my school bag so I painted the container silver and put it inside. It was so cute and unique. I also found they would be the perfect container for earrings when traveling. Also I turned some of them into bead organizers. I wanted to color code my beads and went to buy an organizer. Well I have a lot of beads and the size I would need to buy was more than I was willing to spend. So I took my little play dough containers and starting sorting my beads. They also got a label on the front so I knew what color was inside.

These were just some things that I have recently done. They were all things around my house and saved me some money from buying actual containers. I think this is a great idea especially for me because you all know how much of an organization freak I am.


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