Im Baaaaack!

Hello and a happy summer Monday to everyone. For some of you, well many of you the summer has not begin but for me it has. I know it has been a fat minute since I have posted something but here I am.

Incase you missed it, I was in New York City all last week. I had a lot of fun but I am happy to be back in quiet Ohio. I loved being in the city and went on many fun adventures. We boarded the mega bus Monday morning at 8 am and arrived in New York City Monday evening at about 6pm. We then participated in tourist activities throughout the week. I stayed in an apartment through Airbnb in Hells Kitchen. It was only about three blocks from time square making my week very exciting. I visited the new One World Observatory, took a fairy ride and saw the statue of liberty, went on a down town bus tour as well as a night bus tour. I ate a lot of good food and did some shopping. My favorite thing I did in NYC was see the Lion King on broadway. It was amazing!! If you have the chance to go see it I highly recommend it. My favorite shopping in NYC was the four story Forever 21 and all the Starbucks. There were so many Starbucks, one about every block. I was in coffee heaven. If you would like to see more pictures follow my Instagram @createlynndiy

I enjoyed my break from Ohio and was very happy I got away. The city is amazing to see but all the hustle and bustle just isn’t for me. If I had to hear another horn honk I was going to cut my ears off. Now that I am back I have many fun things in mind to share with all of you. I recently made a few wreaths and decided to see if they would sell. They sold very quick, so I am going to keep making them to have a little extra money. I plan to post them as I make them for all of you to see.

I don’t know if you guys like this or even care but I want to tell you whats going on in my live. I recently realized I have a lot of cameras. I want to put them to use through more than just blogging so I am setting myself a 30 day challenge. I am going to cary a camera with me for 30 day to take pictures and videos of what I do. Then I might possibly take my life and make it even more public by starting a youtube channel. I am currently in the process of trying to figure out what to do with my life and I figured why not explore all the options.

Also if you didn’t already know this I am a college student and today is the first day of summer classes. I am taking classes over the summer to get ahead in my studies and graduate early. By taking these classes I will hopefully graduate in December of 2016 and I am very excited about that. Our summer classes are broken up into 3 secessions of 5 weeks. This is the first secession and I am only taking one class, yoga. I am very excited.

In August I am going on a cruise with my boyfriend and I want to look good. I am hoping by taking yoga I will be more motivated to work out. I am also going to try to eat better and live just an over all healthier life style. I am not doing any crazy diet or exercise to see fast results like I have tried in the past. I am going to slowly change my life style in a realistic way that works with my schedule. If you would like me to create posts about my process like this post so I know that your interested.

Along with videos I am going to try to make more posts on here for all of you to see. Just a disclaimer to everyone I blog because I want to share my ideas with all of you. I craft because I enjoy it. Making a little extra money here and there is just an added bonus.I do not craft for an income and it is not my career. I enjoy crafting so much that I do it almost every day. I constantly making things that I don’t blog about. If you want to keep up with what  I am making follow my Instagram because I always post what I make. If you do not have an Instagram get one. There are so many people out there using it to share their life, ideas, and so many other things. Its a great way to get ideas and see new things.

I am going to work on some wreaths and keep you guys posted. Keep an eye out for a DIY post coming to you shortly. I will have it posted by Wednesday if not by Tuesday. Have a great week and keep crafting.


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