Day #3

Well today is technically day three of my healthy lifestyle change but I have only completed two days since it is 6am as I am typing this. So these past two days have went pretty well. In trying to live a healthier lifestyle I am gradually making a change. I didn’t want to go cold turkey on couch time and junk food because I knew this change wouldn’t last long. So I am going to take it week by week in how intense I get. This week my main focus is eating healthier than I was, drinking more water, and light exercise in exciting ways.

Drinking More Water

Believe it or not drinking water has a major effect on your life. We are supposed to drink eight glasses of water that are eight ounces every day. Thats a lot of water then add some sweaty activity to that and you need to drink more. This is the problem I have, I’ll drink a few glasses of water and get tired of the flavorless beverage. So I am adding a little prep time to my every day activity. Before I go to bed I have a routine that I do. I have added a few things to that routine, one of them being making lemon water. Lemon water not only tastes good but its water and its lemon. So as you get hydrated and your absorbing some nutrients from the lemon. You could add any fruit or vegetable you want to the water and get the same effect. Another thing you could try adding is mint leaves.

So what I do is I take my 20 oz water bottle add half a small lemon fill it with water and let it set in the fridge over night. You could do this any time of the day it is just easiest for me to do it at night because I leave for work at 5am. After I have made my lemon water I put a glass bowl, spoon, and single serving oatmeal packet into my bag. That way when I wake up in the morning my work bag is packed and all I have to do is grab my drink from the fridge.

Eating Healthier (but still eating)

I find in having healthy day it is best to start it early. So for breakfast eat something healthy. I used to not pack my breakfast so I would grab pop tarts or toaster strudels for breakfast. While those tasted great they are full of unnatural sugar. I found when eating those I would have major cravings all day for sweet things and fruit just wouldn’t do it for me. Now I start my day with oatmeal and a large glass of water. I know what you are all thinking my coffee has water so it counts. Well unless you can drink your coffee black your also getting the sugar and the bad things from the creamer and sweeteners. I, like many others love coffee, especially when its creamy and sweet. I can also drink about four cups in the morning. So instead of breaking up with your coffee try to cut back. I limit myself to one small cup and only in the morning.

Now that I have eaten my oatmeal I have started the day off right so why ruin it with an unhealthy lunch. By eating a good breakfast I find I am fuller longer, I am more motivated to eat right the rest of the day, and I don’t have cravings like I did before. I still have the cravings but I am determined to not give in. I find that when I have a craving a lot of times I might just be thirsty but mistake it for hunger. So when I am craving something I am going to sit and drink a whole glass of water. This will train me to respond to those urges in a healthier way and to also know what by body needs better. If after I drink my water I still feel hungry I’ll substitute my sugary sweets for a naturally sugary sweet like fruit or veggies.

Physical Activity

Along with drinking water and eating right we need to exercise. Now that the weather is nice I don’t want to spend my day inside. That includes when I’m working out. Which I can’t do any ways because my gym is closed this week for cleaning. So instead of using that as an excuse to not workout I am using it as motivation to find fun alternate ways to get a work out in. Im am currently taking a yoga class at school for credit but it is not what I expected it to be. We only do about twenty to thirty minutes of yoga and the rest of the time is spent on paper work learning. So I am trying to do more than that. I am lucky enough to live close to a park that had a huge open grass area and several trails through the woods. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went there and played some frisbee and threw a ball back and forth. After that we went on about a mile and a half hike. It was a lot of fun and a great way to get in some exercise. While I also enjoy going to the gym and hitting the weight this was a great way to get in some exercise as well.

If you use the excuse that you don’t have the time to go to the gym and work out there are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into your every day routine. Try walking to places that you go instead of driving. If you live to far away then just park in the furthest spot away from the budding in the parking lot. Also instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. Other things you could do it make time for a quick work out. Do 15 to 20 unites of high intensity activity right in your own home. Its enough to get your heart rate up and maybe even break a sweat.

Another thing I find helpful is to phone a friend. Want to get some physical activity, ask a friend or your partner to go to the park or the mall. You could even set a challenge for each other. Also if you have a dog most likely they would love you even more if you took them on a walk. It doesn’t have to be an hour long walk like I said 15 to 20 unites of a fast pace walk is almost as good.

I love working out in the gym don’t get me wrong but I am tired of doing the same activity all the time. I get bored and then my work out gets cut short or isn’t as hard as I would like it to be. So I am going to try to incorporate more physical activity throughout my day so if I don’t have time for the gym one day I won’t feel as bad.

All of these things I am doing will pay off over time. When trying to live healthier and lose weight it won’t happen in a day. I have learned that patiences is very important. I am seeing a foundation for the rest of my life so I am making sure it is string before I try to pile more things on top. I know as time goes on my eating habits will get better and my work outs will be more intense. For now I am trying to prepare my self for the harder days by setting the mood and getting my mind and body on the same page.

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