Day #6 Healthy Eating Tips/Tricks


This was supposed to publish 5 days ago and I just realized it didn’t.

I have been working on changing my life style for almost a week now and I can say its going pretty well. I have been eating healthy and getting in some good workouts.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a flee market that was two hours away. I had a lot of fun and found some interesting things. We walked around for about four hours and sweat our butts off. It was a beautiful day, sunny and almost 90 degrees. At the flea market people were also selling produce so we picked up some fresh fruits and veggies. I got strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe,black berries, bananas, watermelon, peppers, and onions. My favorite summer time food is watermelon. I do so much with it and it also makes the perfect snack. Watermelon is also very healthy for you and a great way to up your water in take. I was also very proud of myself and avoided all the unhealthy fair food. I packed water and we got lunch on our way home.

Today is going by so fast but has been somewhat productive. Since I didn’t have anything I had to do today I aloud myself to sleep in. When I got up I ate a banana for breakfast and went to the gym. I did a ten minute run then lifted. When I got home I took a shower and made myself some brunch. I made scrambled eggs and apple pancakes. I know pancakes can be very unhealthy so I like to add fruit into my pancakes to make them healthier and sweeter and that way I don’t have to use syrup. After that I finished up a couple wreaths that I was working on and cleaned my house some. I made some rite salad wit the fruit we got yesterday and I am going to spend the rest of the day working on my first youtube video and in the pool.

I will post pictures of my wreaths for you guys in a few days. I am also going to try to start a new weekly topic on my channel called real talk Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I will make a post with some real talk about my life and things happening. So if you care about whats going on in my life and want to give me some advice/tricks/tips/words of wisdom then come back on Wednesday.

My life style change is in full swing and I wanted to give you guys some tips I learned this week. All of these tips are focused around healthy eating in a realistic way and how to make it easier. Today we center our lives around convenience and some people avoid eating healthy because it isn’t as convent as boxed dinners or take out. Being a college student I know the feeling. After waking up at 5 am for work and going to class all day. Then coming home and having hours or studying and projects to complete I didn’t have a lot of time for healthy meals. So here are some ways to incorporate healthy eating.

Tip 1 Prep.
Healthy eating isn’t always the most convenient but by prepping you can make it. Before my life style change I did some prep for meals for the week because of my busy schedule. So I would take Sunday afternoons and put my croc pot to work. I would cook one large meal and then that would be my lunch for the week. It makes it so convenient and easy for me. Another way to prep is the night before. Like I said in my previous post, I make my lemon water the night before and pack my breakfast in my bag. I also like to cut up fruit and veggies and put them in small baggies or containers for a quick snack when Im on the go. So take time one or two days a week or even the night before to get your meals ready. At first this could be over whelming to make three meals for the entire week so make it easy on yourself. For breakfast have oatmeal or fruit that doesn’t take a lot of prep.

Tip 2 Avoid temptation
Eating healthy needs to be consistent. Im not saying you can’t have that one meal a week that isn’t very healthy but be consistent. In order to do that you need to avoid temptation. I find the best way to do this is to completely remove them from your house. We all have that limited grocery budget and buying healthy food isn’t always the cheapest. To keep your food bill low don’t buy anything that you don’t eat every day. By this I mean cut out the candy, cookies, ice cream, and anything unhealthy. You don’t need to buy them every time you go to the store if your not eating them every day. If you absolutely cannot go to the store without buying some junk food then pick one item and buy a SMALL package. Ice cream is my weakness and temps me when I buy it. I would buy a half gallon and tell myself I could have one small scoop a week but then I would find myself every day having four or five large spoon full out of the container. I thought if I didn’t scoop myself a bowl I would eat less only to find I ate half a gallon of ice cream in a week. So now I don’t buy it and when I want to treat myself I will go and get a small ice cream cone.

Tip 3 Portions
This is important in watching what you eat. Just because its healthy doesn’t mean I can eat a whole watermelon in one sitting. Its important to keep in mind that healthy foods still contain sugar and fats. While all nutrients are important they need to be consumed in moderation. I hate measuring my food so I don’t. I just pay attention to what I am eating. If I know something I am eating isn’t completely healthy for me I eat a smaller portion.   So tonight I ate a sausage peppers and onions sandwich, pasta salad, and fruit. I know my pasta salad isn’t that healthy for me so I ate a small proportion of it. Just enough to get the taste but not enough to completely ruin my dinner. Also when prepping things I try to keep them in portion sizes. So If I am prepping some fruit for breakfast I put it in a small bowl so that I don’t eat a large portion.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.49.58 PM

Keep up the awesome work and I hope you all enjoy these awesome tips. Also I created a twitter so if you want to know more of what I am up to follow me @createlynndiy on twitter.


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