Funny Story/ Im horrible

This post is going to be about my week and how I am a horribly unorganized person. Basically I am going to be making fun of myself and giving you guys sneak previews of what is coming in the next couple weeks. Plus there is a little bonus behind the scenes of how I run my blog/life.

So where do I start hmmm… I guess with things I unfortunately have to do. Every day this week I have had school and work. If you didn’t know this or would like to know. I am a Lifeguard at the REC on campus and I work the opening shift. Unfortunately for me I have to wake up at 5 am (it really isn’t that bad) but this weekend I had four days off of school and work and my sleeping schedule got all messed up. I slept like crap. Usually I’m in bed between 10 and 11 pm and I think the earliest I got to bed all weekend was 12:30. Then on top of it I actually slept in for once, till 11 am. I can never do that! So my sleeping schedule got all messed up and now its Thursday and I was late to work this morning because I slept through my alarm. Then I had a meeting then I had to go straight to class. After class I usually have my after noons off so I have been working out and crafting and other fun summer activities. Well today I had a second shift and only had a short break after class. Yes incase you were wondering I am typing this at work. Don’t worry I am working the desk today so I am not lifeguarding right now. But yes basically I am very tired and I have been working on stuff all week getting ready for the weekend.

Next: Adulting and my life style change
I try very hard at this part but sometimes it gets little rough. As you all know I went to New York City a couple weeks ago and this week I finally unpacked my suitcase and decided I needed to do laundry. Actually my clothes decided I needed to do laundry or else I was going to have to get my winter clothes back out and its been in the high 80’s this week so no thank you. Finally after two days I got my laundry done. Someone really needs to invent a dryer that folds clothes. I also did some much needed cleaning around my house. Adulating? Check!
Also this week I ate some pretty healthy meals. I used apples and bananas for my snacks this week. I ate oatmeal or oatmeal bars for breakfast. Lunch was usually chicken and veggies or salad with chicken on it. One nutrient I have been trying to add into my diet this week is Omega 3. These help a lot with my acne and skin health. You can get this through fish as well as chia seeds and flax seeds. I have been putting chia seeds on my salad. You can also put them in your water, smoothies, bread, and a lot of other foods. They don’t have much flavor and when I do taste them they taste like sunflower seeds. Now that my gym is open again I can work out so I have an hour break between work and class so I am utilizing that free time to get an easy work out in. I have been doing some light lifting and cardio. I also add in an ab circuit. It is very simple but effective and I will share it with you. This doesn’t dramatically cut my stomach but it makes me sore and when I think it is getting easier I up the reps.

Ab work out: (I am not a personal trainer or fitness coach this is just what I do myself)
– 30 second plank
– 30 regular crunches
– 30 leg lifts
– 30 second plank
– 30 seconds of air flitter kicking
– 40 Russian twists
– 30 second plank

I also like to switch it up with a plank work out that I will post at a later time. The ab workout above it what I try to do three times a week. Its simple and short but effective. I don’t always do it when I am at the gym it all depends on my time and energy level at the time. What I like to do is do it during the commercial when Im watching tv. If you really want to hit abs hard you could do this workout every commercial during your favorite tv show. All you would have to do is change the reps so start by doing 50 of each at your own pace then work you way down every commercial. So do 50 reps the first commercial then 40, 30, 20, 10. If your show isn’t over and you want to keep the burn up then start going back up (10, 20,30,40).


Recently I have started making wreaths and selling them. I mostly sell them to people from my home town and in the area I live now. I haven’t sold many but I am working to sell more. I am lucky that my mom owns her own business and a lot of her customers buy things that I make. What I do is I take them home and she sells them for me. Thank you mom! This weekend I am going home for a visit and I am taking all my wreaths. I set a goal for myself to make ten wreaths this week and I am pretty close. Tonight I plan to finish up a couple and hopefully make a couple more tomorrow. Because I have been focusing on wreaths I haven’t made many other things and it is totally killing my creative vibe. So after these next two days I am taking a break from wreath making and getting back into some other stuff. I plan to do some fun summer DIYs and I am considering doing a five day series of summer DIY must haves. Like this post if you would like to see that.

Future posts (roughly)

First off I want to apologize for not posting my weekly DIYs. I know I have been slacking, no excuses. I know I have been making a lot of lifestyle posts lately and I am going to try to balance those out with DIY posts as well.

So this is where I get to share some of my secrets and behind the scenes to this blog. I usually put little planning into my posts. Mostly I have an idea, plan a tiny bit, type up my post, make some changes, and then publish it. I used to use my monthly calendar and plan out for the month what DIYs I was going to post and have them published by Monday. Now that summer has started and my schedule has changed I haven’t been doing that. Also my planner ran out since it was an academic planner. I live in my planner, it is the bible of my life. If any one ever wanted to stalk me or know all my secrets forget the diary just find my planner. To fix my no planner problem and save money I made my own planner. I found the templates on line and printed them out. I will be making a post about my DIY planner as soon as I have it all completed.

Along with my DIY planner I am going to make a post about 7 ways to be more productive.  For my post about being productive I did some research and planning. I watched videos, read articles, and even tracked what I did. As I was preparing for this post I realized that I am not very productive and fall victim to distractions, procrastinations, and multi tasking. Thats right multi-tasking diminishes productivity. I decided until I was more productive I would not make this post because I feel that it would have a better blog post if I was more productive. So I am putting in more effort in having productive days and getting stuff done.

As I mentioned earlier in the post I am planning on doing 5 days of summer DIY must haves. I am still working out the details of that post but I can tell you everything is going to be super cute and nothing like what I have done before. But that is all the sneak previews I am going to give you about that because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

YouTube! YOUTUBE. YouTube?

I know. I know I have been writing about youtube a lot lately. Incase you didn’t know I am a millennial and I am going through the stereotypical millennial life crisis right now. I am graduating in six months and I have no fracking clue what I want to do after graduation. I am at the cross roads in my life between childhood and adult life and honestly it scares the crap out of me. I have been watching youtube since before it became big. I always wanted to have my own channel and create videos. When I was younger I even took videos of myself pretending to be a youtuber. Now that I am older and wiser, I have realized that I am 100% capable of having/making…Creating my own youtube channel. Once again I am scared. Its intimidating ok! I don’t know why it scares me and is so intimidating to me and blogging isn’t though. I honestly sit here and type my posts for anyone in the world to read as if I am sitting in a coffee shop talking to you as if we have know each other for years. When I blog I am eager to share ideas and even just tell you all whats going on in my life. Im not scared or worried what you will think. When it comes to me sitting in front of a camera and telling my life story for everyone to see and hear me then I get shy and clam up.

I know that if I create a channel there will be some haters or negative people but I also know that there will be far more positive people. I also hope that some of you would watch my videos and support me. I need to just gain the confidence to make that first video and upload it. Its a lot easier said than done though.

Well thats all for today. I know this post was long and I really appreciate it if you read the whole thing. Also if you did and red the part about youtube, comment a video you would like to see from me. It can be a DIY, about my life, even a blog I have already made just as a video. If you don’t have any requests then please comment some words of wisdom or motivation for me to start my channel. Remember I do this for you guys and love getting feedback from you. It truly makes my day a lot better when I get on my computer and see that you all like what I write.


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