Flip Flop Welcome Sign

I recently posted a Dollar Tree Haul and today I am going to show you something  I made with what I bought. I have been searching the world wide web to find unique crafts to make and this one is truly unique. Using flip flops to make welcome signs and wreaths is totally worth the time. These are unique, fun, and very versatile.

A couple tricks and tips when making this project. When buying your flip flops keep in mind that they will be hanging so they should be light weight. I would also recommend cheep flip flops. Your not buying these to wear so Dollar Tree flip flops are the best. Another thing to think about is the design on your flip flops. I don’t like mine to have logos on them. Also size definitely matters in this case. I like to use kids large flip flops or adult small. You need to buy the size of flip flops depending on your decorations or the design you want to make. If you plan to put large flowers on your wreath then I would consider buying a little bigger flip flips. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are going to be hanging this outside. Will it be very exposed to the elements or shielded a little but by a porch? Also if you are writing something on your flip flops, you want to make sure there is enough flip flops for the letters in your word.

– Flip Flops
– hot glue gun
– wire hanger
– wire cutter and needle nose pliers
– tape
– thin ribbon
– puffy paint
– embellishments


Start by laying out your flip flops until you get the desired look. You want to over lap the edged of the flip flops and create a layering patter of up, down, up, down. IMG_3108

Once you have achieved the look you want your going to hot glue all the flip flops together. Apply a small amount of hot glue the the edges pf the flip flops that over lap. If any glue runs out and is visible take an exacto knife and scrape it off while it is still hot. Make sure to put glue on the front and that back of the flip flop ( by the toes and heel of the foot).IMG_3109

After all the flip flops are glued together take your wire hanger and straighten it as best a possible. I find it is easiest to completely remove the hook of the hanger.

If you feel that your flip flops are very weekly head together, gently flip them over and add an extra strip of glue along the bottom seam of the flip flops where the two meet.

Now you are going to take your hanger and bend it to fit to the back of all the flip flops. You are going to bend the hanger to form to the backs of the flip flops. You may also need to angle your hanger at some point so that it follows the curve of your wreath or sign. After the form is made trim off the excess wire and apply tape to the ends so that the hanger will not scratch the door or wall once hung.

Next you are going to hot glue your hanger the the back of your wreath. I like to add a large dot of glue where one end of my hanger would be and press firmly until the glue has dried. This will prevent the end of your hanger from coming up and possibly get caught on something and ripping off or bending. Then continue to glue all the way across the hanger the to other end. I add dots of glue along the way and focus on putting glue in the center of the flip flops avoiding the bent areas.

Now that your flip flops are together and stable it is time to add the finishing touches, the decorations. I chose to hang my welcome sign from a yellow ribbon. I also bought this from the dollar tree. Your going to figure out where you would like to attach your ribbon. I reinforced the plastic strap on the back of the flop flop with hot glue to prevent it from sliding forward. This step is optional. Then all you have to do is tire your ribbon onto the plastic piece and reinforce the ribbon with a dot of hot glue to prevent it from coming untied.

Now that you have finished the back of the sign it is time to flip it over and make it look pretty. I chose to use flowers and butterflies but you could use any decoration you want. I laid all my pieces out before glueing them onto the flip flops. I also found that the flowers looked better when you cut the stem off. I also used my exacto knife and cut a small X into my flip flops so that the remainder of the little stem could slip inside the slit and lay flap on the flip flop.

To finish the sign or wreath add your wording. I used puffy paint and hand drew the words on. I think it looks very good. You could also used a permanent marker or acrylic paint.

I think these flip flop wreaths look so cute and are perfect for summer. There is so many possibilities with these. I have never seen anything like these in person and thought they were a great idea.

Here are few other that I have made so far.


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