Calling all Humans

Hello beautiful people! I hope you are having a lively December. As you all know there has been a buzz going on about me starting my own blog. Yes its true,So I have decided to take my blog to the next level. So today I want to recruit all people to join me in a conversation.

Call to Action!

As you all know (or may not know) I blog because of you. I blog to share creative ideas as well as my life experiences because I know that there are many other people going though the same thing I am. One of my favorite parts about blogging is seeing the comments I receive from all of you. It helps me to know that there is an ear listening to what I have to say.

Today I am asking you to leave a comment telling me what you want to see on my blog.

It can be any thing a DIY, something about me, more pictures, videos, less of something, more consistency. Also tell me how many DIY posts a week you would want to see and if you would like it if I would categorize it. For example do a decor post one day, then clothing, then recipe, then something else? I want to hear from you so please share all of your thoughts. If you don’t want everyone to see what you have to say then feel free to DM me on Instagram, or email me. Also I will try my best to respond to every comment and message as well as apply some of your demands to my new blog.

Incase you were wondering my blog is now located  here . The official launch will be January 1st But I may have some bonus content up before then. I hope all of you will visit me at my new blog and if you do leave a comment telling me your continuing the journey with me.


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