How to Make your New Years Resolution Come True

The year is quickly coming to an end and I know we are all thinking about our New Years resolution. This is a hard decision in a way because we want to set goals that we can realistically reach. So we look back on what we did this year and see if we achieved the new years resolution we set last year. If you are like me your answer is yes and no. I always set more than one goal. So if I achieve one of my goals in the beginning of the year I have something else to work towards the rest of the year.


So when setting my goals they are not something I think of in 20 minutes and decide that is what I am going to do. My resolutions have to meet a few specifications such as…

  1. Is it realistic?
    Is there an actual possibility that I could achieve this goal in 365 days while also living a life.
  2. In 5 years with this goal have made a difference in my life?
    If I lose 20 pounds this year but in 5 years have gained one hundred then that 20 pound weight loss doesn’t really matter. But if I transition my eating and activity habits to incorporate more healthy decisions then continuing those habits in 5 years will make a difference.
  3. How will it effect others?
    Losing 20 pounds benefits yourself but having a healthier eating habit may encourage others around you to eat healthy as well.
  4. How important is it to me?
    Personally I am more motivated to achieve a goal if it is important to me. Don’t make your new years resolutions about pleasing others or trying to become someone your not.

Once I have created my list I then go back and check it several times. After I know everything on my list is 100% staying on my list then I add in details. Details are important because then you know in six months what you were talking about when you said get healthy. Ok I ate a salad today thats healthy so check it off the list. NO! Add details in, set a set when you want to have it completed by, where your going to do it, with who, and why.

Example: In the year 2017 I, Marissa, want to live a healthier life style. I want to incorporate my boyfriend and encourage him to be healthy as well. I want to eat healthy meals and get involved in more physical activity. I will learn one new healthy recipe a week and expand my meal prep options. I will also participate in seven hours of physical activity a week. I understand it may take time to fit this into my schedule so I will give myself till April 1st to work up to seven hours of physical activity a week.

When thinking of your new years resolutions don’t set yourself up to fail. Truly take an hour to sit down and think about your goals and objectives for 2017. Then write it out, type it up, and get creative. Just document your goals and dead lines in a way to motivate yourself to achieve your new years resolutions. Another thing you could do it encourage other to hold you accountable. Tell them to nag you about thing you want to change or goals you want to achieve.

I hope all of this helps you and gets you thinking in more detail about your goals for the new year. Leave a comment below of something you want to achieve for 2017 so others can get ideas and get inspired. One of my goals is to build a better blog and become a better blogger. Also to do some pretty awesome and unique DIYs on 2017.


I have Exciting News

I have decided that I don’t want to be just another fish in the sea, I want to make waves. I have never settled at an average life and now that I am graduating college that is exactly what I am afraid of becoming. So in order to prevent that from happening I have decided I want to take ACTION.


I want 2017 to be the best year of my life yet and in order for that to happen I don’t want to sit back and wait for opportunities to approach me. So I have decided to further pursue my ‘career’ in blogging my starting my own blog. Yes that is correct.

Im starting my own blog!

I have decided to launch my own website which will host my blog and be an upgraded and even better version of my blog today. In January 2017 I will have my blog on the internet to share with all of you. I know it is going to take a lot of work and dedication but I truly love blogging and want to continue as I take the next big step in my life after college.

In a little over three months I will have been blogging for a year and I want to continue for many more year. Blogging means a lot to me, while it is a lot of work on the back end it is totally worth it. Blogging inspires me to research and learn. It give me a creative outlet to share all my thought with other like minded people like myself. All of you motivate me to try new things in life and being able to share them with all of you makes it even better.

I have a lot of plans for my new blog and I hope all of you will continue with me on this lovely journey called life. I try appreciate each and every one of you. Reading your comments and seeing your support makes me so happy.

One of my main new years resolutions to create so much more content not only on my blog but also on my social media accounts as well.

So I would love all of your support and love it if you could comment something you want to see on my blog.

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

I didn’t realize blogging would be so much work but it was love at first post.

I started this blog because I love to create things and wanted to share them with the world. When I first started my blog I made a long list of DIYs I wanted do and got so excited. As the weeks went on it seemed more like work and became less enjoyable so I left. I new I needed to take a step back and think about what I wanted this blog to be and where I was going to take it. Doing DIY after DIY because I needed a blog post turned my passion into a chore. I didn’t have the motivation or fun like I did when I first started. I knew I didn’t want to quit my blog but I didn’t know how I would continue. I finally realized my blog went from doing this for myself to doing it for other people. That is when I told myself I would blog for me. I would share not only my DIYs but my experiences. I have this amazing life I am living and to only share DIYs got boring quick.

So I re-evaluated and made a new plan.

I am still Createlynn but I am also Marissa. I have a life just like everyone else. I have some ups and downs and good times and bad. I realized that there are events happening in my life that many other people around the world may also be experiencing. So my new plan that I have is to have fun, make some awesome stuff, but also live, laugh, love/hate, and share life. I am going to add more lifestyle into my blog along with DIYs. So if you want to see more DIYs along with my life then follow my blog because I have some pretty cool stuff planned.

Camping DIYs and hacks

First off I want to apologize that this blog is two days late. I know some of you have said things about my consistency and how I haven’t been making my Mondays posts any more. I am sorry for that. Now that summer is here and my summer classes have started I am very limited on time. This blog isn’t just something I throw together Monday morning to post there is actually planning and time involved. It takes me at least an hour to just write the post let alone actually do the DIY and perfect it for all of you. Also I hope all of you keep in mind that I am a normal person just like  you and I do not get paid to do this blog. I do it because I like to share my creations with all of you. Unfortunately because my schedule is crazy with summer classes I haven’t had time to visit my parents let alone write a blog. That means I sometimes have to put my blog on the back burner for a bit and I hate that just as much as you all do. I am currently working on changing the day I post to later in the week so it gives me more time. When I work through all those details I will make another post letting you all know what is happening. I also plan to do some of the DIYs I promised in the past once I find a few minutes of spare time. For now you will have to just work with me. I appreciate all of your support and understanding. I do this for you guys and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. If you have any requests of future DIYs you would like to see, comment or send me an email and I can definitely try to make that happen.

Ok enough of that lets get into the DIY.

It is officially summer and for many of you including my self that means camping. I started RV camping when I was younger with my grandparents. As I got older every year I attended some type of summer camp as well. When I was to old to be a camper I became a camp councilor. When I couldn’t be a councilor any more I started working at a camp grounds as a lifeguard and would stay out there almost every weekend with friends. Sadly that was in my home town and since I have moved away for school my camping has slowed down. The past couple summers I haven’t done much camping and I decided with me graduating soon that needed to change. I am going through a time in my life right now where I want to do as much as possible before I get an adult job and don’t have any free time. So I bought a tent along with about $300 of camping supplies.

I know for many of you just getting into camping that seems like a lot but it really isn’t. If you know me you know I went for the best products possible. For me that means the cheapest product with the best quality. So while I may not have the highest quality or the newest equipment, I have what I need. Due to limited time I can only camp on the weekends and last weekend was my boyfriend and I’s first camping trip of the summer. I am going to be honest it did not go as well as planned. I was a pile of accidents and injuries all weekend. Yes I am very clumsy especially when I am excited. All in all though we had a great trip and plan to go again shortly. Knowing that we would have more than a few camping trips this summer and into the fall I did quite a bit of planning to be ready for all possible camping trips and activities.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.34.38 PM


Going camping is a lot of work especially if their is more than one person. I want to take a moment and applaud all the parents that take their kids camping. I hope one day this will be me but I see now that it is going to mean even more planning. So knowing that you need to plan for camping here are a few hack I do to make camping easier. Keep in mind I am camping in a tent so I have to plan to take everything and that includes the sink.

  1. Make an extensive list. I am a list person and honestly I make a list every day. So when I was planning I made a long detailed list of everything I needed to pack. I also made a separate list of what meals we will eat and the food I need to buy and pack. When it came time to pack, it did not take me long at all. I went off my list and gathered all my supplies into a general are. Once it was in the middle of my living room floor I checked it once off my list. After I had everything, I grabbed my totes and bags. As I packed my items I did a second check on my list. This really helps me and I find the amount of time it takes to make a list in the beginning saved me time packing. I also realized that I did not forget anything for my trip.
  2. Pack using plastic totes. Yep that right. I went to Walmart and picked up two cheep totes. One of them was large and the other was medium size. I used the large to pack all my camping supplies that I would use every time we go camping (cooking supplies, bug spray, sun screen, shower supplies, flash lights, etc.). Then I used the other to pack all the food that didn’t need to go in the cooler. Now I know what your thinking this takes up a lot of space in your car. It might not be as versatile on how you can pack it but it cuts down on all the bags of things you will have. It was really easy for me to look inside my tote and be able to find what I was looking for without having to remember what bag I packed it in. Also my large tote with my camping supplies stays packed. When we got home I washed some of the cooking utensils and put them back into the tote. I secured another list to the lid of the tote so when we go camping again I know exactly what is packed inside and things that possibly need restocked. Then with the food tote I didn’t have to worry about animals getting into our food. I put the lid back on the tote and stuck it in my trunk when we left the campsite and at night.
  3. Buy a portable battery pack. When tent camping there are two types of site. Primitive where there is no electricity. Then other sites that have electricity and sometimes water. I was looking at camp grounds on line and noticed they rip you off for electricity. If your planning on camping and taking a lot of electronics with you then get electricity. We were only camping for three days and two nights. I was looking into ways to charge my phone and found a nice solar powered charger online for about $150 but after thinking about it I knew my car had a charger and I wasn’t going to be on my phone a lot if at all. So I took my portable battery pack and I was good to go. I made sure to turn my phone off at night and used my phone for nothing but a camera during the day and I was fine. I did not want to go without some type of charger though incase of an emergency.
  4. Freeze your liquids. When taking a cooler something that drives me crazy is having to go up in cooler size because my ice packs take up so much space. So about a week before you camp put all your drinks in the freezer. Gallon jugs work best because they take so long to thaw out but water bottles work just as good. We bought a big case of water and put half in the freezer and half in the fridge. When we went to go home on Sunday we still had a couple bottles of water partially frozen.
  5. Pack more than you’ll need. When packing I hate carrying around a lot of extra stuff but for this trip I figured I would rather have something I did’t need than need something I didn’t have. I packed plenty of food and camping supplies but we did have a close encounter with water. In my defense it was hotter than I planned and we took a six mile hike on Saturday. After our hike we couldn’t get enough water and ended up drinking all of our water that day. Thankfully there was a shower house with drinkable water so we took our used water bottles and filled them up for Sunday. Needles to say I will be packing more water next trip and probably freezing more.
  6. Bring your creativity. When camping you will be faced with situations your not used to plus you will have to solve them with supplies you don’t have every day. So be prepared to pull a new trick out of your hat and hope it works. Camping can be stressful and you can come across situations that you cannot plan for. After the trip is over you will look back on it and realize all the stress was worth it.


There are many possible DIYs to help with camping. I found the majority of my DIYs on Pinterest. I am not going to explain all of these but I will post pictures for every one.

  1. DIY fire starters. All you need is a toilet paper tube, dryer lint, and new paper. Take you tube and stuff it with lint. Then wrap it with news paper and tuck in the ends to secure the paper. When lighting on fire make sure to untuck the ends to allow oxygen to flow through the tube. Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.07.35 PM
  2. Weekly pill holders are perfect for your small quantity items. You can place a variety of medications into them or even spices. These would also work great for small hair accessories.

    3. Along with medications make sure you pack a first aid kit. These can get a little pricy so I got another very small tote from Walmart and filled it with supplies from the dollar store. We all have that moment when we think we don’t need a first aid kit. I thought this as I was making it and packing it but I needed it a lot this weekend. I ended up cutting the back of my ankle on the door as I was making my final trip out of the house for the weekend. It was a pretty deep cut but I didn’t want to ruin the weekend so pushed through. I used the bandaids, gauze, medical tape, and alcohol wipes this weekend. I probably needed stitches so I was glad I had my first aid kit.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.08.49 PM

4. Lighters can be glitchy and run out of fluid so I personally recommend using matches. Taking a mason jar and putting sand paper on top makes a perfect water proof match container. Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.09.54 PM

5. Keeping clean while camping is important, especially when it comes to your hands. So take an old laundry soap container clean it and fill it with water. Strap a role of paper towels to the side and pack the soap. This creates the perfect hand washing station and if your water is clean and you run out of drinking water you now have a back up supply. Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.14.55 PM

6. If you don’t want to make the whole hand washing station pack some paper towels and a garden flag holder to create easily assessable paper towels for when your cooking.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.12.09 PM

7. Worried your eggs will crack. Take an old bottle and pre crack your legs into the bottle. Easily accessible eggs and you don’t have to worry about them braking in your cooler. Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.12.19 PM

7. One thing I learned this weekend was cooking over a fire isn’t the easiest. I tried to cook french toast on my hobo pie iron and the eggs exploded out of the pie iron causing me to burn my arms, legs, and hands. So to have a very short prep time for breakfast all you need to do is take an old condiment container and pre-make some pancake batter in it. When your ready to cook just shake and pour. Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.08.23 PM

I hope you all enjoy these tips and tricks. I know they will come in very handy this summer and I am excited to get to try all of them.


DIY candle

One of my favorite thing to do all year is burn candles. They are the perfect compliment to any room and add a warm home feel when being burned. I love that there are many different scents and they change every season. One thing I don’t like is the price. I spend hundred of dollars a year on candles. I always burn them all the way down but I feel like they are over priced. So I decided to finally make my own.

I have been playing with the idea of making candles for a long time but the process was always so intimidating to me. I watched videos and read articles but it was a something completely different than what I have ever done before. Well I finally decided to go outside my comfort zone and it was so worth it. Honestly, candles are so easy to make and they don’t take very long either. I love the way mine turned out and will definitely be making more.

The instructions I am giving you are for the first and only candle I have made so far. So the timing and measurements might be different for you but this is how I did it. Also I did not measure any thing out I guessed and it turned out very well. I also made a cute little something extra out of my left over wax so keep reading for that bonus DIY.

What you will need:
– soy wax flakes
– candle wicks
– a glass container (I used a small bowl)
– a large glass measuring cup
– crayon to color your candle
– hot glue gun
– spoon
– scented oil
– microwaveIMG_1418

Start by filling your measuring cup with wax flakes and small pieces of your crayon. The bowl I was using is a small dip bowl so I did not need a lot of wax. If you are using a larger container then you will need more wax. IMG_1419

Next use your hot glue gun to attach the wick to the bottom of your glass container. To hold my wick up straight I taped two pencil together and laid them on either side of the wick. I left them there when I poured my wax and while it cooled.

Then you are going to put your wax into the microwave for two minutes checking and string it every 30 seconds. Once the wax is completely melted your going to add your scented oil.

I melted about two cups of wax and added about a teaspoon of oil to my mixture. After you add the oil stir your wax very good so that the oil is throughout. If you feel like your mixture needs more oil feel free to add it. I measured the scent of my candle by letting the wax on my spoon dry after mixing and smelling the wax on my spoon.

Once you have mixed together all your ingredients it is time to pour your wax. Slowly pour your wax in your container and allow it to dry completely before removing the pencils from the wick. My candle only took an hour to dry because it was small but it could take any where from two to eight hours depending on the size of the candle and the temperature of the room.IMG_1428

Once the candle is dry remove your pencils and trim the wick.

When making a larger candle I did see people having a problem with a crater forming in their candle after it has dried. So be prepared to have to do some touch ups after your candle has dried.

After I poured my candle I still had some melted wax left over so I took a silicone ice cube tray and poured my wax in make mini wax palm trees. These would be perfect for wax burners or even a gift. It would also come in handy if your candle does sink in the top you could remelt the wax and fill in the hole.

Tips and Tricks to learn from

Since this was my first time making a candle I chose to make a smaller one. My candle dried very quickly and I was very happy with how it turned out. When I make another candle I will be changing a few things though. When making my candle I added about a 1/4 of a crayon and it turned out in a very light blue color. I plan to add more crayon the next time I make it. Also the wax dried lighter than when it was wet. So if you plan to make a candle and the melted wax is lighter than you would like add more crayon at that time. Another thing to remember is that you can burn wax so once it has completely melted there is no need to leave it in the microwave any longer.

Over all I am very happy with how this project turned out. It is very easy to make and can easily be corrected if an error is made. If you are not completely sure about this project and don’t want to spend the money on wax flakes you can always use old candles or even wax cubes that are already scented. IMG_1448

Flip Flop Welcome Sign

I recently posted a Dollar Tree Haul and today I am going to show you something  I made with what I bought. I have been searching the world wide web to find unique crafts to make and this one is truly unique. Using flip flops to make welcome signs and wreaths is totally worth the time. These are unique, fun, and very versatile.

A couple tricks and tips when making this project. When buying your flip flops keep in mind that they will be hanging so they should be light weight. I would also recommend cheep flip flops. Your not buying these to wear so Dollar Tree flip flops are the best. Another thing to think about is the design on your flip flops. I don’t like mine to have logos on them. Also size definitely matters in this case. I like to use kids large flip flops or adult small. You need to buy the size of flip flops depending on your decorations or the design you want to make. If you plan to put large flowers on your wreath then I would consider buying a little bigger flip flips. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are going to be hanging this outside. Will it be very exposed to the elements or shielded a little but by a porch? Also if you are writing something on your flip flops, you want to make sure there is enough flip flops for the letters in your word.

– Flip Flops
– hot glue gun
– wire hanger
– wire cutter and needle nose pliers
– tape
– thin ribbon
– puffy paint
– embellishments


Start by laying out your flip flops until you get the desired look. You want to over lap the edged of the flip flops and create a layering patter of up, down, up, down. IMG_3108

Once you have achieved the look you want your going to hot glue all the flip flops together. Apply a small amount of hot glue the the edges pf the flip flops that over lap. If any glue runs out and is visible take an exacto knife and scrape it off while it is still hot. Make sure to put glue on the front and that back of the flip flop ( by the toes and heel of the foot).IMG_3109

After all the flip flops are glued together take your wire hanger and straighten it as best a possible. I find it is easiest to completely remove the hook of the hanger.

If you feel that your flip flops are very weekly head together, gently flip them over and add an extra strip of glue along the bottom seam of the flip flops where the two meet.

Now you are going to take your hanger and bend it to fit to the back of all the flip flops. You are going to bend the hanger to form to the backs of the flip flops. You may also need to angle your hanger at some point so that it follows the curve of your wreath or sign. After the form is made trim off the excess wire and apply tape to the ends so that the hanger will not scratch the door or wall once hung.

Next you are going to hot glue your hanger the the back of your wreath. I like to add a large dot of glue where one end of my hanger would be and press firmly until the glue has dried. This will prevent the end of your hanger from coming up and possibly get caught on something and ripping off or bending. Then continue to glue all the way across the hanger the to other end. I add dots of glue along the way and focus on putting glue in the center of the flip flops avoiding the bent areas.

Now that your flip flops are together and stable it is time to add the finishing touches, the decorations. I chose to hang my welcome sign from a yellow ribbon. I also bought this from the dollar tree. Your going to figure out where you would like to attach your ribbon. I reinforced the plastic strap on the back of the flop flop with hot glue to prevent it from sliding forward. This step is optional. Then all you have to do is tire your ribbon onto the plastic piece and reinforce the ribbon with a dot of hot glue to prevent it from coming untied.

Now that you have finished the back of the sign it is time to flip it over and make it look pretty. I chose to use flowers and butterflies but you could use any decoration you want. I laid all my pieces out before glueing them onto the flip flops. I also found that the flowers looked better when you cut the stem off. I also used my exacto knife and cut a small X into my flip flops so that the remainder of the little stem could slip inside the slit and lay flap on the flip flop.

To finish the sign or wreath add your wording. I used puffy paint and hand drew the words on. I think it looks very good. You could also used a permanent marker or acrylic paint.

I think these flip flop wreaths look so cute and are perfect for summer. There is so many possibilities with these. I have never seen anything like these in person and thought they were a great idea.

Here are few other that I have made so far.

Summer Tule Wreath

As promised here is your DIY of the week. We will be making a tule wreath. This is so versatile and would look cute on any house.

What you will need:

-a foam wreath form (mine is 14 inches)
-6 in wide ribbon, tile, or fabric in atlas two colors (mine is ribbon) you will need at least            20 yards
-masking tape
-card board or stiff paper
optional: embellishments

How you make it

Step 1:

Cut your cardboard or paper to 16 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Step 2:

Take your tape and tape one end of your ribbon to the end of the card board. Then wrap your ribbon around the cardboard until there is no ribbon left on your spool.

Step 3:

Cut both ends of our ribbon the the card board. You will want sharp scissors and to cut through every layer. This will make your ribbon strips to put on your wreath form.

Step 4:

Next you will take two pieces of your ribbon and tie it around your wreath form leaving the ends on the outside of the wreath form. I used two pieces because my ribbon was thin but if yours is thick enough that you can’t see through it the you could only use one piece.

Once you have tied your ribbon all the way around the wreath you are finished. I chose to embellish mine and had a hook on the back to hang it from. I just used small flowers that I got form the dollar tree and hot glued the mall the way around the wreath form. On the back I added a thin piece of ribbon with hot glue to create a loop to hang it from.


I apologize for the crappy pictures. I recently found one of my old cameras and decided to try it out. I didn’t realize how bad the pictures were until I added them to the post.