Mothers Words

Mother day is next week and I obviously am making my mom a present. I love making home made gifts even if it isn’t much. I think it has more value and shows that you put more though into the gift. Im not saying I’m against giving gift cards or anything but why not partner it with some thing home made. I wanted to create something simple, quick, cheep, but meaningful and that is exactly what this gift is. Another great thing about making something home made is it can easily be displayed. Also I know none of my moms friends will be getting the same gift.

Making this gift was very simple I had all the supplies at my house. It didn’t take me very long to make either which is always a bonus.

What you will need:

  • a picture frame
  • decorative paper
  • scrabble letters
  • E6000 glue (jell and spray kind)
  • exacto knife or scissors
  • stickers and markers (optional)IMG_1195


Step 1
I bought my picture frame from a thrift store so the first thing I did was lay out all my scrabble words to make sure they were even going to fit. Thankfully they did. If you do not already have a picture frame I recommend going to the thrift store. I found mine for 25ยข and all it needed was a little TLC.

Step 2
I took the picture frame apart and I spray painted my picture frame to give it that brand new look. I did two coats of red and it looked brand new. While it was drying I measure my paper and cut it to the size of my glass. I also trimmed it a little so that it would not be right to the edges of the glass making sure my frame would have the proper fit. If you do this you don’t have to worry about being able to see it, if you only cut off a little bit because the frame will cover the bare glass.

Step 3
I took my E6000 spray adhesive, that I found on clearance for only $1.99, and sprayed a thin coat on the glass of my picture frame. I sprayed it on the outside of my picture frame so that I would be glueing my letters to the paper instead of the glass. I also did not want my paper to have a shiny surface like it would if I put the glass over top of it.

Step 4
I then laid my frame over the glass and made small marks with a pencil to know where the glass would be covered by the frame. I did this so that I would not glue any scrabble tiles where my frame would be.

Step 5
I then used glitter nail polish and added a little bit of sparkle to the word mother. I apologize for it being difficult to see in the pictures. Once it was dry I used my E6000 jell glue to glue my scrabble tiles to my paper.

Step 6 (optional)
To give it a little something extra I added three red heart stickers in the bottom corner of my picture frame and used a gold sharpie to put my sisters and my initial in the hearts. I also took my sharpie and wrote 2016 on the bottom of the frame so my mom can easily remember when I gave it to her.

After that my project was complete. I love how this turned out and it was very easy. This is a great idea that could easily be replicated. Other ways to complete this project but give it your own personal twist would be to change up the colors. If you do not have scrabble tiles and do not want to order any, you could easily type this up and print it out. Another way to personalize it would be to get a larger photo frame and add a picture along side the words. You could also emphasize the word mother more than just adding glitter. I tried several techniques and none of them were what I was looking for.